1. Titans gave guard Chance Warmack a $50 bonus for losing 1 pound on Thanksgiving. #Impressive 

  2. Chance Warmack survives our worst post-Thanksgiving fear https://t.co/A37Rm3H9uT https://t.co/3BGJYQzkeC

  3. ICYMI: #Titans' Chance Warmack strips his way to a bonus: https://t.co/Eex7nxCOND https://t.co/k4iup8bLtg

  4. Titans' Chance Warmack earns $50 bonus for losing weight on Thanksgiving https://t.co/VkfiB3p1vB

  5. Titans guard Chance Warmack earns $50 for managing to LOSE weight over Thanksgiving. https://t.co/wmIRrejvN7 https://t.co/B8IJIiUIff

  6. Titans give Chance Warmack $50 for losing a pound on Thanksgiving https://t.co/Xe74IQdETE

  7. #Titans' Chance Warmack strips his way to a bonus: https://t.co/Eex7nxldp3 https://t.co/ntuImDrrCg

  8. Chance Warmack 1, Thanksgiving 0. READ: https://t.co/HWxzRWW0Sv https://t.co/q2MxgP9nd3

  9. #Titans' Chance Warmack strips his way to a bonus: https://t.co/Eex7nxCOND https://t.co/aVU4D5LbgQ

  10. Mularkey on who is the biggest eater on the team: Chance Warmack is "the 1st that comes to mind." #Titans

  11. Mularkey on #Jaguars: We could have used more help roster wise. For what we had, we had chance to win every week. #Titans

  12. G @chancewarmack: "As a football player, you've got to be excited to have the opportunity to upset those guys." https://t.co/ko6S4TGYxA

  13. With David Cobb back, there is a chance Bidhop asankey will be inactive Sunday

  14. Mularkey: All you want every Sunday is a chance. If we play like we're capable of, we always have a chance.

  15. Mularkey on Mariota: We've got a chance with him in there.

  16. #Titans in FG range in overtime. Remember, though, they need TD to win or else #Saints get chance to tie.

  17. #Titans will take over at their own 10-yard line with 4:28 left and a chance to mount a game-winning drive.

  18. G @chancewarmack: "This can be a positive situation or a negative one. It's up to us." https://t.co/gDr7RjChaE

  19. Kenny Vaccaro just made a great tackle to force fourth down. Titans never had a chance on that play.

  20. #Titans O-line now: Lewan, Looney, Gallik, Warmack, Bell.

  21. ESPN's FPI gives the Saints a 65% chance to beat the Titans. Agree or disagree? https://t.co/GuxbT2xeHJ

  22. It only takes 1! Play @FanDuel for your chance to win big https://t.co/qHe6vIAJ4z

  23. Chance to get above .500 looms for New Orleans Saints against Titans https://t.co/RbY5DUwnSS via @nolanews

  24. Per @numberFire, 2-6 #Titans still have 9.8% chance of making playoffs. They have 6.7% of getting 1st overall pick (6th-highest in NFL).

  25. Woods (knee) no practice for #Titans. Limited were Cox, Hill, Morgan, Warmack, Wreh-Wilson, Wright.

  26. "This is going to be a big game for him to have a chance to show up." Mularkey on @realdgb: https://t.co/K80mhoCx4i https://t.co/xHBOK92bl4

  27. Mularkey: Chance with Cobb this week. Sankey practiced well last week, Dex was limited in practice. Sankey was suited to do Dex's stuff.

  28. ESPN's FPI gives the Panthers a 62% chance to beat the Titans. Agree or disagree? https://t.co/F0tB2seUsg

  29. McBride, if promoted, might have a chance to return kicks for #Titans

  30. Two Mariota bobbles means best Titans could hope for was chance to punt. They will do just that.

  31. "We've got a chance to make a difference." Go "Behind the Flame" with @dbass91: https://t.co/CTkLSVNfda https://t.co/G7OK9DvdiG

  32. #Titans practice report: DNP: Hunter, McCourty, Woods LIMITED: Cox, Hill, Morgan, Warmack, Wreh-Wilson, Wright.

  33. Snapshot of situation Mularkey inherits: #Titans have better chance at 1st overall pick (13.8%) than playoffs (11.3%), per @numberFire.

  34. New injuries to monitor in short week: Hill (knee), Morgan (shoulder), Warmack (ankle). If #Titans practiced, would have been limited Monday

  35. Not participating in open portion of Titans practice: Wright, Hill, Woods, Warmack, Morgan

  36. Titans rookie QB Mariota looking forward to chance to play Brees https://t.co/vEgGPfIHg8 (@teresamwalker)

  37. Chance Warnack limited to walk throughs in Tuesday practice