1. Mularkey on who is the biggest eater on the team: Chance Warmack is "the 1st that comes to mind." #Titans

  2. Mularkey on #Jaguars: We could have used more help roster wise. For what we had, we had chance to win every week. #Titans

  3. Snapshot of situation Mularkey inherits: #Titans have better chance at 1st overall pick (13.8%) than playoffs (11.3%), per @numberFire.

  4. G @chancewarmack: "This can be a positive situation or a negative one. It's up to us." https://t.co/gDr7RjChaE

  5. "We've got a chance to make a difference." Go "Behind the Flame" with @dbass91: https://t.co/CTkLSVNfda https://t.co/G7OK9DvdiG

  6. "This is going to be a big game for him to have a chance to show up." Mularkey on @realdgb: https://t.co/K80mhoCx4i https://t.co/xHBOK92bl4

  7. Chance to get above .500 looms for New Orleans Saints against Titans https://t.co/RbY5DUwnSS via @nolanews

  8. Titans rookie QB Mariota looking forward to chance to play Brees https://t.co/vEgGPfIHg8 (@teresamwalker)

  9. It only takes 1! Play @FanDuel for your chance to win big https://t.co/qHe6vIAJ4z

  10. ESPN's FPI gives the Saints a 65% chance to beat the Titans. Agree or disagree? https://t.co/GuxbT2xeHJ

  11. #Titans O-line now: Lewan, Looney, Gallik, Warmack, Bell.

  12. Kenny Vaccaro just made a great tackle to force fourth down. Titans never had a chance on that play.

  13. #Titans will take over at their own 10-yard line with 4:28 left and a chance to mount a game-winning drive.

  14. #Titans in FG range in overtime. Remember, though, they need TD to win or else #Saints get chance to tie.

  15. Mularkey on Mariota: We've got a chance with him in there.

  16. Per @numberFire, 2-6 #Titans still have 9.8% chance of making playoffs. They have 6.7% of getting 1st overall pick (6th-highest in NFL).

  17. Mularkey: All you want every Sunday is a chance. If we play like we're capable of, we always have a chance.

  18. With David Cobb back, there is a chance Bidhop asankey will be inactive Sunday

  19. G @chancewarmack: "As a football player, you've got to be excited to have the opportunity to upset those guys." https://t.co/ko6S4TGYxA

  20. ESPN's FPI gives the Panthers a 62% chance to beat the Titans. Agree or disagree? https://t.co/F0tB2seUsg

  21. Two Mariota bobbles means best Titans could hope for was chance to punt. They will do just that.

  22. McBride, if promoted, might have a chance to return kicks for #Titans

  23. Mularkey: Chance with Cobb this week. Sankey practiced well last week, Dex was limited in practice. Sankey was suited to do Dex's stuff.

  24. #Titans practice report: DNP: Hunter, McCourty, Woods LIMITED: Cox, Hill, Morgan, Warmack, Wreh-Wilson, Wright.

  25. Woods (knee) no practice for #Titans. Limited were Cox, Hill, Morgan, Warmack, Wreh-Wilson, Wright.

  26. New injuries to monitor in short week: Hill (knee), Morgan (shoulder), Warmack (ankle). If #Titans practiced, would have been limited Monday

  27. Not participating in open portion of Titans practice: Wright, Hill, Woods, Warmack, Morgan

  28. Chance Warnack limited to walk throughs in Tuesday practice

  29. DNP: Woods (ankle), Wright (knee) Limited: Hill (knee), Morgan (shoulder), Warmack (ankle), Wreh-Wilson (hamstring) Full Participation: Cox

  30. #Titans DNP: Wright (knee), Woods (ankle) LIMITED: Hill (knee), Morgan (shoulder), Warmack (ankle), Wreh-Wilson (hamstring)

  31. Which AFC South team has the best chance to win the division? https://t.co/ltfSL3Vvpr #Titans

  32. Which AFC South team has the best chance to win the division? #Jaguars, #Colts, #Texans, or #Titans? https://t.co/uzKmh6zr8e

  33. At this point Sensabaugh is just hoping he'll get a chance to tackle his man after the guy catches the ball.

  34. Titans pick up 3rd-and-8 and a pass interference on Davon House has Tennessee at their 44. Missed a chance to get momentum there.

  35. With McCluster out will be interesting to see if they use Andrews on this drive or chance it with Cobb. Guessing Andrews.

  36. Why call timeout there and give titans a chance to think?

  37. Also per @PFF, #Titans' interior line had real struggles, especially Gallik. Gallik, Looney, Warmack all got negative grades.

  38. Looks like next week Terrance West will get a chance to play against the Browns, his former team. #RavensTalk

  39. Terrance West is inactive today, but have to figure he'll get his chance going forward, along with Buck Allen and Raheem Mostert.