1. Chad Greenway nominated for the Rooney Sportsmanship Award. Was a finalist for the inaugural award last year. https://t.co/kZi6YnLBXM

  2. Linebacker Chad Greenway is #Vikings nominee for Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award. Minneapolis native Larry Fitzgerald of Cards won last year

  3. Chad Greenway #Vikings finalist for Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award, named after late Steelers founder. Former/current players vote 12/18

  4. Chad Greenway is #Vikings nominee for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award for "players who exemplify outstanding sportsmanship on the field."

  5. Nice play by Greenway to stop a RB screen for a loss of 4 yards. #Vikings #skol

  6. Admit it, Greenway is having a good day out there.

  7. Wow, Greenway. May have saved a TD on a WR screen. Great tackle. Rams to try a FG. #Vikings #skol

  8. Greenway bit hit on Gurley. He's having a good game. It's 3rd and 7 from the STL 40. #Vikings #skol

  9. #Vikings DEF coaches' stats. Greenway led in tackles (12), Linval in TFLs (3.0), Griffen & Johnson w/ 5 QB hurries. https://t.co/JuQfTNjxeH

  10. Joseph, Greenway, Robison showed off versatility for an injury-laden #Vikings defense on Sunday. A closer look: https://t.co/lf88e66djO

  11. Brandon Watts making first career start with Kendricks out. Greenway at middle linebacker. Barr active. #Vikings

  12. Greenway. https://t.co/OySkmICWN2

  13. Greenway walking off on his own

  14. Greenway is back.

  15. Greenway has been in for Kendricks during this entire series, with Vikings in nickel.

  16. Greenway: "I don’t think the situation was too big or the spotlight’s too bright. They played some pretty good football." #Vikings

  17. Chad Greenway: "Uncharacteristic of this football team to be penalized that much. It’s something we’ve avoided & need to continue to avoid."

  18. Chad Greenway has replaced Kendricks in the nickel. #VIkings

  19. Chad Greenway is in for Eric Kendricks, who is standing on sideline with his helmet on.

  20. Gives his all to his team. And community. Chad Greenway. 2014 @Vikings #WPMOY: https://t.co/b2LL3vOBsw #NFLHonors https://t.co/HxBuBz6Pqx

  21. Linebacker Chad Greenway doesn't believe it's a rivalry the way Packers have dominated his #Vikings lately Story at: https://t.co/mS0tVEG1Us

  22. Chad Greenway on Vikes-Packers: "I don’t know if it makes it a good rivalry up to this point because it’s been so one-sided in my tenure.''

  23. Chad Greenway on Vikes-Pack "A rivalry has to come when the other team is actually winning some games. So we got to go out and play better."

  24. Linebacker Chad Greenway says it's not a rivalry with the Packers the way they've dominated the #Vikings lately. https://t.co/mS0tVEG1Us

  25. Soggy report from start of #Vikings practice: LT Matt Kalil was absent. LB Eric Kendricks (ribs) did drills with Greenway and Barr

  26. Eric Kendricks (ribs) was practicing during open portion to media. Jumped back in with Barr/Greenway in some LB drills. #Vikings

  27. #Vikings video: Chad Greenway talks about the upcoming Packers game and him playing more middle linebacker: https://t.co/pHlWH4h8lK

  28. #Vikings video: Chad Greenway talks about the upcoming Packers game and him playing more middle linebacker: https://t.co/AbxvQQW2Eu

  29. Chad Greenway has played 138 of 140 snaps over the last two games with Eric Kendricks sidelined. #Vikings

  30. Anthony Barr couldn't even zip his jacket today because of his left hand. Greenway had to do it. Poor Chad even has to dress the youngsters.

  31. Chad Greenway down after that play

  32. Chad Greenway injured on that last play for Vikings

  33. Chad Greenway slow to get up and has to come out for a play. #Vikings

  34. Chad Greenway goes off own power and now he's back in.

  35. Chad Greenway back in for the #Vikings.

  36. Chad Greenway and Anthony Barr are your nickel linebackers.