1. CC Sabathia of the Yankees Nears 2,500-Strikeout Milestone

    New York Yankees’ ace CC Sabathia is approaching 2,500 career strikeouts and is climbing his way up the all-time charts. His current mark of 2,410 makes him the active leader in that category, giving him 220 more punch-outs than A...

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  2. How Good Is Good Enough for Yankees' CC Sabathia in 2014?

    When CC Sabathia was in his prime, dominance seemed to follow regardless how sharp his stuff was in a particular outing. Upon arriving to the New York Yankees in 2009, the perfect blend of talent and maturity accompanied the big lefty to the Bronx..

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  3. Playing Patience or Panic on New York Yankees' 5 Worst Early Slumps

    Early-season stats can be deceiving. Early slumps at the plate and on the mound can be frustrating for fans who were hoping to see their team start well out of the gate, which is why so many fans overreact when a player is hitting below ...

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  4. Why Yankees Should Be Worried About CC Sabathia After First Start of 2014 Season

    After watching him struggle through his first start of the 2014 regular season against the lowly Houston Astros on Tuesday night, CC Sabathia apologists will say it's only one game...

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  5. Can the Yankees Trust CC Sabathia in 2014 After Dominant Spring Finish?

    CC Sabathia and the 2013 New York Yankees had a lot in common. Both looked old, broken down, overpriced and like shells of their once-great selves. The Yankees missed the playoffs last year for just the second time since 1995...

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