1. Sam and I swimming in the caves today.....good times she loves this stuff! https://t.co/SuKXfpkYsN

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  3. Predicting Biggest Offseason Storylines

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  5. Winners and Losers from 2015 NASCAR Season

  6. Skipping rocks with the little buddy today... https://t.co/11966u3Klh

  7. I'm ready  https://t.co/aBFWrDpele

  8. Our animal lover! Pretty cool  https://t.co/ObKB3wuwhl

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  10. Hamlin Wins NASCAR Pole at Miami

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  12. Right where I am right now with Trish and the kids! Might not come back! https://t.co/0gbdcsCi9e

  13. Married up!  https://t.co/0O6xPoCcZk

  14. Happy 旅 Day!! https://t.co/y8SFmNNZdz

  15. Dale Jr. Wins Shortened Race in Phoenix

  16. Johnson Wins Pole at Phoenix

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  18. Happy 旅 Day!

  19. I know it's early but Christmas is just cool! https://t.co/8nF2QB2IOk

  20. Same here bud! Enjoy the off season! https://t.co/IFxeQwOygO

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  22. Keselowski Wins Pole at Texas

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  24. For sure not the way we wanted to end the season. Really excited about 2016! Time to rest up and get some family time. #offseason #13

  25. Congrats to @KyleBusch! Got it done, good work!

  26. ☔️ looks like some clear sky's are not far way...

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  30. What a unbelievable run it has been! Thanks for all the great times jeffgordonweb! Pulling for you… https://t.co/BYKj9C4v62

  31. Last race of the year! Proud of the progress the @GermainRacing team has made this year! Looking forward to today and can't wait for 2016!

  32. NASCAR Unveils 2016 Sprint Cup, Xfinity Schedule

  33. NASCAR to Blame and Will Pay for Talladega Finish

  34. Good times on the bosses boat tonight! https://t.co/jZuZIe9mRI

  35. I guess that's one way of keeping glass half full? Now we just need the rain to leave. https://t.co/waFpQNNB1K

  36. Logano Wins at Talladega, Completes Sweep

  37. Winners, Losers from CampingWorld.com 500

  38. All skill....ya right https://t.co/PTajrvdQwb

  39. Not the day we wanted yesterday. Time to get after it today. @GEICORacing @GermainRacing #NASCAR #13

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  42. All right, last race of the year! Time to end it on a high note! @HomesteadMiami @GEICORacing @GermainRacing #13

  43. Happy Hump day from Miami.... https://t.co/XiaeisYXG4

  44. Chase Standings: Who's In, Who's Out Post-Dover

  45. Qualifying at Dover Canceled, Kenseth on Pole

  46. Awesome! https://t.co/AItcSBmRNX

  47. Is is my imagination or do buffalo wings taste like chicken? @JimmieJohnson

  48. Drivers Favor Lengthening of Restart Zone at Dover

  49. Controversial Restart Zone Doubles at Dover

  50. Oh yea https://t.co/2HshLf7QCf

  51. Never...but after I read this. Yes https://t.co/WIGqMYW02r

  52. Controversial Restart Zone Will Be Doubled at Dover

  53. Playoff-Clinching Scenarios for Dover

  54. You have no conclusive evidence... https://t.co/5GMXNJrptK

  55. Anybody still awake out there?

  56. Blaney Wins Xfinity Race at Kentucky

  57. Harvick Starts Up Front After Coors Light Qualifying Canceled

  58. Just checking, trying to decide the best way to kill time on this flight??

  59. Always a fun race here at @PhoenixRaceway ready to get rolling. @GEICORacing @GermainRacing @TeamChevy #NASCAR #13

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  61. NASCAR Pets Star in 2016 Calendar

  62. Hey @PhoenixRaceway I love the track and the area but the 3 wide at the urinal is a little tight... https://t.co/FwiFLcTG4f

  63. Chuck and Nicolle Wagner @caymuscab hosted a dinner at there house in AZ tonight for our team. Great people! Thanks for the hospitality! #13

  64. Winners, Losers from the Southern 500

  65. Edwards Wins NASCAR Race at Darlington

  66. Getting ready to roll here a @PhoenixRaceway geicoracing @GermainRacing @TeamChevy #NASCAR #13… https://t.co/z32NuhlbYy

  67. Good morning @PhoenixRaceway Feels good to be out closer to the west coast! @GEICORacing @GermainRacing #NASCAR #13

  68. NASCAR Drivers and Jockey Equivalents

  69. Logano Wins Under the Lights at Bristol

  70. Thanks brother  https://t.co/EVOeJ6Eoxn

  71. Really proud to be a part of @GermainRacing and @GEICORacing for another 3 years!!

  72. Drivers Have Mixed Feelings on Michigan High-Drag Package

  73. Notebook: Have Speeds at Michigan Reached Dangerous Levels?

  74. Thank you! https://t.co/ZjqM6kQZP7

  75. #tbt @CGRTeams Stirling, myself and jamiemcmurray 2003. #NASCAR #13 #mearsgang https://t.co/uTrBYRDr7Y

  76. mrmetcalfjr and some of the @CGRTeams guys working on the new gym here at the @cltrescue great to see… https://t.co/2c8UnYlXJQ

  77. Date night! https://t.co/uL5bTz2odl