1. Last morning in Baja  https://t.co/DUGBDB7PO7

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  6. Sorry but I am really enjoying my view!!! https://t.co/hR84rHkke5

  7. First ever hit, first practice game! #Softball Good work Samantha! Caught on camera. https://t.co/nlLLoLccIn

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  11. Headed back to CLT with Bob Dodge (13 engine tuner) https://t.co/pQ3BRMRIbm

  12. Water and oil temp... https://t.co/quiOahXp4G

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  16. @charliekimball with a big hit in @IndyCar qualifying! Glad he is okay.

  17. Just posted a photo @ Bristol Motor Speedway https://t.co/EGEXOYaLkv

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  21. We have been chasing a different set up this weekend in a effort to make that next step in speed.… https://t.co/BpxIptYbJn

  22. It's a good show but so frustrating to see faster cars not able to pass. More about protecting the top than making a pass.

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  26. Ready to go! https://t.co/9czDYc2VJm

  27. Dad in the early 80's #indycar #rogermears #tbt https://t.co/4MbPlYgyLF

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  30. Cool shot...look at all the roll in that thing! https://t.co/PBisrPUGGj

  31. Had a great ride up to @BMSupdates today! Weather was perfect. Rained at lunch in Asheville, after that clear all the way. @harleydavidson

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  34. Good times! https://t.co/wIzWKmC5p0

  35. Thought about it today https://t.co/gWMR0jxbuH

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  38. Pull out the gee tar https://t.co/3WO6dNWq4d

  39. I care brother, come crash at our place and get there tomorrow! https://t.co/AvVj4f2hxa

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  42. Big 1st grader today!  #Samantha https://t.co/XtL91HHMmy

  43. @BMSupdates this week  @GEICORacing @GermainRacing @TeamChevy #13

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  46. Thanks to Doug Yates for the ride home tonight! It was good to catch up. Great family.

  47. After a rough start to the week happy hour ended pretty good and the car was fast today before we had a clamp on a water line break. #13

  48. Going to be a wild show... geicoracing @GermainRacing #13 https://t.co/uNJMvrXWNP