1. Carroll: Cary Williams was better the week before #Seahawks

  2. Pete Carroll: "Technique-wise" CB Cary Williams could have been better Sunday at CIN #Seahawks

  3. Cary Williams, Brandon Weeden among players hated by own fans for Week 5 http://t.co/wylgW6lIMp http://t.co/bnyQXKiIIb

  4. #Seahawks' Pete Carroll on Cary Williams' struggles vs. Bengals: "We expect him to come roaring back."

  5. Carroll says it was a technique issue that led to CB Cary Williams getting beat deep early against Cincinnati.

  6. As Cary Williams looked glumly to floor of #Seahawks' locker room, Richard Sherman talked calmly to him for many minutes.

  7. CB Cary Williams spent a loooooong time imm after getting targeted all #Seahawks game at his locker, head in his hands, looking at floor.

  8. Cary Williams said "I could have played better." Of late PI said "you have to respect the call."

  9. I asked Cary Williams how he felt he played: "I could have been better" #Seahawks @thenewstribune

  10. Carroll said it didn't look to him like the 2 pass-interference penalties on Cary Williams should have been called. Not Williams' best game.

  11. Man, is Cary Williams getting thrown at, targeted today by CIN. #Seahawks

  12. Huge huge huge flag. Pass interference on Cary Williams, costs Seattle 27 yards. He's on Mrs. Dalton's Christmas card list!

  13. Cary Williams hasn't had a great game by any means, but he's been hit on a couple of questionable flags. #SEAvsCIN

  14. Another long DPI on Cary Williams pushes the Bengals into field goal range. He’s been a mess all day.

  15. Cary Williams has been a disaster for #Seahawks today. Called for interference on #Bengals Marvin Jones. #Bengals at Seattle 45 1:25 left.

  16. Bengals target Cary Williams again deep down sideline, and get another DPI call. Hooked WR's left arm with his right. Ball at #Seahawks 45

  17. Dalton to Eifert for the TD. Eifert covered by Cary Williams.

  18. Dalton TD pass to Eifert, beats Cary Williams, while #Seahawks team doc testing Bobby Wagner on sideline. Wagner yells, stomps away at score

  19. Cary Williams going to be called for PI. #SEAvsCIN

  20. CIN's targeting of #Seahawks CB Cary Williams deep continues. He's hopping mad for tripping DPI for 29 yards across midfield. 24-7 SEA 3Q

  21. Cary Williams and Earl Thomas were adamant right after the play that the ball hit the ground.

  22. Dalton to Marvin Jones on third down. Converts in front of Cary Williams. #SEAvsCIN

  23. Dalton targets Jones against Cary Williams on 3rd down again for a CIN 1st down. #Seahawks challenging the catch ruling