1. MLB Metrics 101: Worst Bang-for-Your-Buck Stars at the Quarter Pole

    Even with the average player salary at $4.5 million, the 2017 season contains many reminders that most Major League Baseball players are underpaid. The overpaid players, however, stick out like so many sore badly broken and horribly mangled thumbs..

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  2. Carlos Gonzalez Reportedly Offered 'Lucrative' 4-Year Rockies Contract in Spring

    Carlos Gonzalez was reportedly offered " a lucrative four-year deal from the Colorado Rockies this spring," according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today ...

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  3. 'My Country Is Misery:' The MLB Stars Who Are Too Scared to Go Back Home

    After a trying first half of the season, Carlos Gonzalez just wanted to relax with his family during the All-Star break in July. But as he sat around the pool at his house in Florida, the topic no Venezuelan can avoid kept coming up...

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  4. $80M Man Carlos Gonzalez's Rockies Are Finally Great, and He's No Longer a Star

    Carlos Gonzalez and the Colorado Rockies have traded places. It used to be that Gonzalez was excellent and the Rockies were not...

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  5. Charlie Blackmon's Trash 2004 Jeep Just One Layer of MLB's Quirkiest Superstar

    What is Charlie Blackmon looking at? He is stepping out of the batter's box and staring straight up into the night sky. It is 2010, and Blackmon is with the Double-A Tulsa Drillers...

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  6. MLB Metrics 101: MLB's Worst Players of the 1st Half

    Major League Baseball just played a game that featured only the best players from the first half of the 2017 season. The worst, meanwhile, were kept well out of view. Here comes Bleacher Report's MLB Metrics 101 to weed them out...

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  7. MLB Metrics 101: The 10 Most Overrated Stars of Baseball

    The latest in Bleacher Report's MLB Metrics 101 series will take on a topic that's guaranteed to never get anyone riled up. Ha. Just kidding. Everyone will leave here feeling good and P...

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  8. Carlos Gonzalez Suffers Hand Injury vs. Dodgers

    With the Colorado Rockies looking to improve on last season's 75-win output, an injury to outfielder Carlos Gonzalez 's hand will make their climb that much more difficult...

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