Why Barcelona Still Have Work to Do

By Cronan Yu (Photo: Manu Fernandez/Associated Press)

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    Puyol Passes No. 5 Shirt to Busquets

    by Mark Patterson

    Barcelona legend Carles Puyol won't be honoured with the retirement of his shirt—instead, he has chosen who gets to wear it next. And the defender has passed his No. 5 to Sergio Busquets... Read More »

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    Puyol's Unusual Workout Routine

    by Mark Patterson

    Carles Puyol has retired after an illustrious playing career for Barcelona and is filling the time by taking bizarre pictures with girlfriend Vanesa Lorenzo. 101 Great Goals has suggest... Read More »

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    Reasons Barcelona Has Declined

    by Peter Galindo

    Barcelona was, at one time, the best team in the world. Some even argued that Pep Guardiola's side was one of the greatest of all-time. However, since his departure, the club has slowly gone downhill.... Read More »

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    Impressive World Cup Final Guest List

    by Mark Patterson

    FIFA's list of official guests, dignitaries and heads of state has found its way onto Twitter, providing possibly the only list in the history of time to include both Vladimir Putin and Olivier ... Read More »

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    Puyol Appointed Assistant Sporting Director

    by Gianni Verschueren

    Barcelona's Carles Puyol is hanging up his boots to join the club's Football Department as Assistant Sporting Director starting next September, according to a statement made by the club... Read More »