1. Panthers Must Sit Cam Newton or Finally Unleash Him

    Don't tug on Superman's cape...unless he's no longer invincible. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has done his best impression of Clark Kent in recent weeks. He's still big and strong, but his ability to fly around the field is missing..

    Brent Sobleski Written by Brent Sobleski about 11 months ago 21,677 reads 76 comments

  2. Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin's Instant Fantasy Reaction After Week 4

    Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton continued to show excellent rapport with rookie wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens...

    Sean ODonnell Written by Sean ODonnell about 11 months ago 3,792 reads 21 comments

  3. Will DeAngelo Williams Return Spark Panthers Rush Attack vs Ravens?

    Cam Newton and the Panthers ' offense struggled against the Pittsburgh Steelers . Between a Jonathan Stewart injury and a lackluster performance from Newton, Ron Rivera's team was not at their best...

    Team Stream Now Written by Team Stream Now about 11 months ago 1,415 reads 18 comments

  4. Cam Newton Channels His Inner Dwyane Wade with Postgame Outfit

    Sunday night was a rough one for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton . Not only did he struggle in his team's 37-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he also came out for his postgame press conference dressed in interesting fashion...

    Kyle Newport Written by Kyle Newport about 11 months ago 49,842 reads 42 comments

  5. Cam Newton, Panthers Offense Can't Force Defense to Carry Team

    The Carolina Panthers will only go as far as their defense takes them this season. If Sunday night's performance is any indication, the defense won't be enough to propel the rest of the team to another division title and a playoff appearance...

    Brent Sobleski Written by Brent Sobleski about 11 months ago 3,957 reads 62 comments

  6. Maturing Cam Newton, Potent Panthers Offense Look to Dominate NFC South

    The troublesome Carolina Panthers preseason, one which saw Cam Newton suffer a hairline fracture to his rib in Week 3 and look slow to develop chemistry with his stable of new receivers, couldn't seem farther away now...

    Michelle Bruton Written by Michelle Bruton about 12 months ago 17,154 reads 48 comments

  7. Cam Newton's Rib Injury Doesn't Impact His Fantasy Value for Week 2

    As long as Cam Newton 's on the field, he should be in your fantasy football starting lineup for Week 2. The Carolina Panthers quarterback missed Week 1 with a persistent rib injury...

    Joseph Zucker Written by Joseph Zucker about 12 months ago 5,472 reads 4 comments

  8. Cam Newton's Long-Term Health More Important to Panthers Than Victory over Lions

    Every game in the NFL matters, but the health of a team's franchise quarterback matters even more. Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera told ESPN...

    Brent Sobleski Written by Brent Sobleski about 12 months ago 10,427 reads 17 comments

  9. Ron Rivera Reportedly to Receive Warning for Cam Newton Entering Panthers Huddle

    Updates from Monday, Sept. 8 Ron Rivera commented on Cam Newton 's entrance into the huddle during Sunday's game (via Steve Reed of the Associated Press): Newton himself ...

    Tim Keeney Written by Tim Keeney about 12 months ago 11,397 reads 7 comments

  10. Cam Newton's Week 1 Medical, Fantasy Football Risk Due to Rib, Ankle Injuries

    Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton continues to deal with two offseason and preseason medical issues—first, surgery for a lingering ankle injury and later a broken ...

    Dave Siebert, M.D. Written by Dave Siebert, M.D. about 12 months ago 17,231 reads 23 comments