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  11. BA Campbell "It always is. But we still need better play out of Calais. He should have had a dominant game in that game and he didn’t.” 2/2

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  20. Calais draws a holding penalty.

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  30. The #AZCardinals get a big defensive stop. @Campbell93 with great pressure. After punt, AZ takes over at their own 34. #CINvsAZ | #SNF

  31. Calais Campbell returns to the lineup to start the fourth quarter. #CINvsAZ

  32. DT Calais Campbell walks off slowly after play. D-linemen going down for Cards.

  33. DT Calais Campbell walking off slowly with help of trainers. #AZCardinals losing some interior d-linemen.

  34. #AZCardinals DT Calais Campbell walked off slowly.

  35. DT Calais Campbell with the pressure and the defense forces a quick punt. Uncle Mo shifting to the #AZCardinals.

  36. Calais Campbell was finally able to break through and hit Dalton.