1. #Eagles' Byron Maxwell, preparing for Giants' Beckham, credits yoga with improving his game. @ZBerm: http://t.co/lOEPVc5TWx

  2. How did Byron Maxwell transform from a 6th-rd pick to a top CB covering Odell Beckham? Yoga. Sunday Inqurier story: http://t.co/NGne061ib0

  3. I'm so sick of hearing about how much Byron Maxwell has struggled as an Eagle. Turn on the tape from the last 3 weeks.

  4. Byron Maxwell was warned by the official to stop grabbing Odell Beckham. One play later: flagged for holding when Beckham got a step on him.

  5. Byron Maxwell mugged Odell Beckham Jr. again.

  6. Byron Maxwell vs. Damontre Moore in a penalty competition. Go.

  7. Byron Maxwell is on tilt. He's been complaining to the officials all night long. But that's a hold right there. Plain and simple.

  8. ANd now a pass interference on Byron Maxwell.

  9. True story: Byron Maxwell was one of the most sought-after cornerbacks available back in the spring.

  10. Byron Maxwell has NO CHANCE vs. Odell Beckham. Complete mismatch. #giants #eagles

  11. Brian Dawkins on Eagles' defense, Sam Bradford and Byron Maxwell https://t.co/pj3eRbRaGj via @njdotcom

  12. Off Funchess' hand and into Byron Maxwell's for INT. Eagles at the CAR 18.

  13. Davis said he believed Byron Maxwell's technique looked sound against Dallas.

  14. Early Birds: Torn pectoral tendons; covering shifty slot receivers; Byron Maxwell's penalties https://t.co/V7YsdE06Dk

  15. Would have been team leading 10th penalty for Byron Maxwell...#Dolphins decline it. #Eagles

  16. Former Eagles president Joe Banner rips Byron Maxwell for being soft https://t.co/AVXgUwWiA6 https://t.co/QTbXRFGsPf

  17. Winston lofted ball up in no man's land. Byron Maxwell saw it whole way. Went for INT, but Charles Sims somehow catches TD. Bucs, 28-14.

  18. Chris Maragos tackles Byron Maxwell, receiver runs for like 25 more yards.

  19. Chris Maragos with the excellent block on Byron Maxwell

  20. #Eagles getting killed on rub routes w/ slant. Rishard Matthews gets inside Byron Maxwell, who went down after Chris Maragos took him down.

  21. Sweet defensive play by Byron Maxwell. Nice throw, better defense

  22. Big-time pass breakout by Byron Maxwell. If you take away covering Julio Jones, he's been good for most of the year.

  23. Byron Maxwell giveth and taketh away. Pass breakup followed by third down completion to Jarvis Landry. #Eagles

  24. Kelly: Byron Maxwell played a good game on Sunday against Dallas

  25. Byron Maxwell said he didn't know Jenkins had concussion, but overheard gist of convo between Thurmond, Jenkins, told him to think of future

  26. WalrThurmond told me DBs talked to Jenkins, monitored during game, didn’t tell coaches. Said Byron Maxwell urged MJ to think about family

  27. Eagles notebook leads off with Byron Maxwell wondering if he was a victim of too much referee film study Sunday: https://t.co/43Q5pNWFId

  28. My Eagles notebook leads off with Byron Maxwell wondering if he was a victim of too much referee film study Sunday: https://t.co/43Q5pNWFId

  29. "What pass interference?I just saw good defense." Byron Maxwell & teammates discuss phantom pass interference calls: https://t.co/sZkhzaNsDS

  30. #Eagles Byron Maxwell asked what he said to ref Greg Meyer after one two PI calls Meyer flagged him for Sunday night, said: "Nothing nice."

  31. Chip on the teaching point to Byron Maxwell on the PIs: "The teaching point is the ref threw the flag, so it's a penalty."

  32. Straight garbage pass interference call on Byron Maxwell. Horrible. Should have been 4th and long. Utterly atrocious officiating.

  33. Good thing the #Eagles paid Byron Maxwell all that money to cover top WRs, like Terrance Williams.

  34. Byron Maxwell could have done that.

  35. Your #Eagles captains for the night: Lane Johnson, Chris Maragos and Byron Maxwell.

  36. Eight weeks into the season, Philly's Byron Maxwell heads up @PFF's list of 2015 free-agent busts. By @PFF_Neil. https://t.co/LalLR6gR0U

  37. #Eagles' DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell make Sports Illustrated's 'All-Overrated Team' https://t.co/9sr2cBzKR6

  38. I keep getting this as well. Who the heck should Rowe be playing for? Byron Maxwell? https://t.co/f9vdmJBNZn

  39. All-22: A look at how Byron Maxwell has improved in recent weeks: https://t.co/E87F3ws8qb