1. Shaping the Buffalo Bills' Offense Starts with EJ Manuel

    What's the best way to build an offense around, and set reasonable expectations for, a still-developing starting quarterback?.....

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  2. Spikes: Pepper Will Boost D-Line Performance

    As we began our Camp Countdown series today we asked just how dominant Buffalo's defensive line can be in 2014. Bills MLB Brandon Spikes is very familiar with the level of talent that will be playing in front of him on Buffalo's defensive line...

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  3. Kellys Words Carry a Valuable Lesson

    Last week, Doug Marrone and I had a chat about motivation. The head coach had taken the Bills on a team bonding trip the day before.....

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  4. Bills Look to Move the Chains More

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  5. Buffalo Bills Full Position Breakdown and Depth Chart Analysis at Tight End

    If the Buffalo Bills didn't jump to the top five of the NFL draft, we could be talking about how Eric Ebron is challenging to win the starting tight end job in training camp...

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  6. QB Tuel Takes Game Up a Notch

    Last year at this time Jeff Tuel was just trying to get a handle on a brand new offense with limited reps in the practice setting in advance of his first NFL training camp...

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