1. Physical Health, Emotional Maturity Key for Manny Machado, Orioles

    SARASOTA, Florida — On his way to superstardom, Manny Machado was sideswiped. Bushwhacked. Waylaid. Left knee. Right knee. Two major surgeries. Too much time rehabbing...

    Scott Miller Written by Scott Miller about 4 months ago 37,823 reads 26 comments

  2. 2014 MOYs Buck Showalter, Matt Williams Embody 2 Sides of Baseball Management

    On the surface, Matt Williams and Buck Showalter have a lot in common: They're both former corner infielders (though Showalter never cracked a big league roster), they're both managers ...

    Jacob Shafer Written by Jacob Shafer about 8 months ago 7,344 reads 19 comments

  3. MLB Manager of the Year 2014: AL and NL Winners, Voting Results and Reaction

    The Baseball Writer's Association of America announced the 2014 Manager of the Year awards Tuesday evening, as Matt Williams of the Washington Nationals won in the National League and Buck Showalter of the Baltimore Orioles won in the American League.

    Timothy Rapp Written by Timothy Rapp about 8 months ago 5,510 reads 10 comments

  4. Buck Showalter Wins AL Manager of the Year Award: Voting Results, Reaction

    On the heels of a season that saw the Baltimore Orioles cruise to their first American League East title since 1997, Buck Showalter has been named the AL Manager of the Year: ...

    Mike  Chiari Written by Mike Chiari about 8 months ago 4,399 reads 20 comments

  5. Bleacher Report's Full 2014 MLB Awards Preview, Predictions

    As the baseball industry awaits the first big transaction of the offseason—sorry, Adam Lind for Marco Estrada doesn't exactly get the juices flowing—the focus shifts temporarily to another matter, the individual awards...

    Jason Catania Written by Jason Catania about 8 months ago 62,410 reads 88 comments

  6. 2014 ALCS: Showalter's Skill Means Rainout Helps Orioles More Than Royals

    It rained all day yesterday in Kansas City, so much that Game 3 of the American League Championship Series between the Royals and Orioles was postponed ...

    Heath Clary Written by Heath Clary about 9 months ago 182 reads 0 comments

  7. With World Series Close, Mattingly, Leyritz Reflect on Showalter's HOF Career

    For Buck Showalter , a World Series ring is the only piece missing from what has otherwise been a Hall of Fame career, and something that has alluded him time and time again...

    Gary  Phillips Written by Gary Phillips about 9 months ago 946 reads 0 comments

  8. Seasoned and Prepared as Ever, Buck Showalter Drives as Orioles Look to Fly

    Buck Showalter still comes packaged with infield dirt underneath his fingernails and a fungo bat in his hands. "My wife tells me, 'You can remember pitch sequences from 1980, but you can't remember where your car keys are'," he says...

    Scott Miller Written by Scott Miller about 9 months ago 26,873 reads 13 comments

  9. Predicting the Winner of the 2014 American League Manager of the Year

    As the season winds down and the playoff picture becomes clearer by the day, so do the front-runners for the major awards in Major League Baseball...

    Michael Peng Written by Michael Peng about 10 months ago 3,066 reads 1 comments

  10. From 53 Home Runs to 25 Games: Orioles' Chris Davis Latest to Open Our Eyes

    Crush Davis, indeed. Chris Davis was crushed with a 25-game suspension for amphetamines, so now what do you think of the fallen Baltimore Orioles slugger's 53 homers last summer? Don't be ridiculous—amphetamines are not steroids...

    Scott Miller Written by Scott Miller about 10 months ago 109,454 reads 127 comments