1. Daniel Brown makes a night TD catch from Renner. He makes some circus catches in practice. But lot of WRs in front of him.

  2. Great 28-yard TD catch by Daniel Brown snatched over 2 Eagles by the former JMU standout. Great throw by Ravens hopeful Bryn Renner as well.

  3. Could Bryn Renner be the Ravens' backup quarterback? http://t.co/fXNB4zKXuw

  4. QB Bryn Renner is now in the game.

  5. Schaub 3-for-7 for 17 yards and an INT. Had 10.17 passer rating. Renner now into game for Ravens.

  6. Renner enters the game for #Ravens ending Schaub's embarrassing night.

  7. Renner throws interception intended for tight end Konrad Reuland. #Ravens

  8. Matt Schaub gets the start in fourth preseason game. He likely won't be in there long. Bryn Renner will get most of the work.

  9. Bryn Renner in for the Ravens.

  10. Bryn Renner in at QB for #Ravens. Matt Schaub's night likely over. #RavensTalk

  11. Bryn Renner not having a good night so far. Even some of his completions have forced receivers to make tough catches. #RavensTalk

  12. Renner not sharp, all over the place w/accuracy. He's done some nice things this summer but his best-case appears to be practice squad spot

  13. #Ravens offense is on the move. Nearly to midfleld. Does Bryn Renner have some more magic?

  14. Renner hits Jeremy Butler with 6-yard TD pass, # Ravens trail 20-13 with 2:03 left in fourth quarter. #RavensTalk

  15. Renner's 2-point attempt is incomplete to Kiero Small. Looks like Falcons will hang on 20-19, though Ravens will onside kick.

  16. Bryn Renner has been released, per source. Ravens will go with 2 QBs for sixth straight year.

  17. Quarterback Bryn Renner has been released by the #Ravens, per @jeffzrebiecsun.

  18. Ravens also cut Fitz Toussaint, Kiero Small, Konrad Reuland, Bryn Renner, Nick Perry; Zach Thompson to injured reserve

  19. QB Bryn Renner has been released after a fantastic preseason showing. In Schaub We Trust? http://t.co/jhfqUIfopj

  20. Likely Ravens practice squad guys if not picked up elsewhere include Renner, Kaleb Johnson, B.Beyer, Robert Myers, Jeremy Butler, Nick Perry

  21. #Ravens cuts. OL Jah Reid's luck ran out. QB Bryn Renner was a guy I liked quite a bit when I saw him in camp. http://t.co/5TCDSQecZW

  22. Cleared waivers for #Ravens: Beyer, Bose, Brown, Butler, Clausell, Johnson, Magee, Nelson, Perry, Pointer, Renner, Reuland, Small, Toussaint

  23. Bryn Renner back to Ravens on practice squad. Threw four touchdown passes this preseason.

  24. Quarterback Bryn Renner to the #Ravens practice squad, per @jeffzrebiecsun.

  25. That makes five out of 10 spots: QB Bryn Renner, OG Kaleb Johnson, OLB Brennen Beyer, CB Charles James, S Nick Perry.

  26. #Ravens now have six spots accounted for on PS, N. Perry, OLB B. Beyer, QB B. Renner, G K. Johnson, CB C. James WR D. Brown, per reports.

  27. Ravens' practice squad: Brennen Beyer, Jeremy Butler, Kaleb Johnson, Nick Perry, Bryn Renner, Konrad Reuland, De'Ondre Wesley, Charles James

  28. So QB Renner, WRs Butler and D.Brown, TE Reuland, OT Wesley, OG K.Johnson, OLB-Beyer, CB James, S Perry would be 9 of 10 spots.

  29. Bryn Renner, Charles James highlight #Ravens' practice squad http://t.co/k6FkfxIEvz

  30. Bryn Renner, Charles James highlight Ravens' practice squad http://t.co/IHWwBHuO3x

  31. ICYMI: Bryn Renner, Charles James highlight #Ravens’ practice squad http://t.co/k6FkfxIEvz #texans

  32. Bryn Renner has gone from golf club assistant, to NFL quarterback: http://t.co/xX1KAFxHph http://t.co/HN4yv8U422

  33. So Ravens' 10-man practice squad: QB-Renner; WRs Butler, Brown, Ross; TE-Jones; OL-Wesley, Johnson; OLB-Beyer; CB-James; S-Perry.

  34. Ravens cut Bryn Renner from practice squad, signed Tony Hills to practice squad

  35. #Ravens terminate contract of PS squad QB Bryn Renner and sign tackle Tony Hills.

  36. Ravens add OT Tony Hills to the practice squad. Terminate contract of QB Bryn Renner.

  37. #Ravens cut QB Bryn Renner from practice squad and signed OT Tony Hills. That means Ravens are practicing with two QBs (Flacco and Schaub)

  38. Ravens announce they have signed T Tony Hills to practice squad, cut QB Bryn Renner from practice squad #RavensTalk