1. Bryce Petty Apologizes to Jets Fans for Ordering Domino's Pizza

    Did you know you could place an order to Domino's Pizza by simply texting the pizza slice emoji to the appointed number? Bryce Petty was pretty pleased when he found out: New York Jets fans on the other hand? Not so much...

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  2. 2016 Outlook: Bryce Petty

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  3. Don't Forget About Bryce Petty in New York Jets' Long-Term QB Plans

    Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick have been the only New York Jets quarterbacks in the headlines lately—Smith for his broken jaw and absence of six-to-10 weeks, and Fitzpatrick ...

    Erik Frenz Written by Erik Frenz about 10 months ago 11,931 reads 14 comments

  4. Jets Rookie QB Bryce Petty Weighs In on Whataburger vs. Shake Shack Debate

    Former Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty is heading into his rookie year with the New York Jets . Which burger place does he prefer? Which superhero would he like to be? Watch ...

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