1. Daniel Bryan Held Hostage by WWE's Caution Surrounding Concussions

    Daniel Bryan is losing a battle that he's not even in as WWE collides with attorneys over concussions. Forced to stand on the sidelines for months, Bryan has had to watch plaintiffs and lawyers go on the offensive rather than him...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 3 days ago 41,711 reads 93 comments

  2. Daniel Bryan Comments on Recovery from Injury, Future in Wrestling

    Former WWE champion Daniel Bryan is optimistic WWE will clear him to return to the ring in the near future from a concussion that has sidelined him since April...

    Daniel Kramer Written by Daniel Kramer about 4 days ago 23,736 reads 41 comments

  3. Daniel Bryan Pinpoints Biggest Issue Plaguing WWE Today

    Daniel Bryan offered a spot-on diagnosis of what's ailing WWE . In a surprisingly honest answer, Bryan went from talking video games to the company's central issue today. The WWE machine has yet to truly get behind the next generation of stars..

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 24 days ago 52,670 reads 91 comments

  4. WWE Superstar and Everton Fan Daniel Bryan Sings 'Money Can't Buy You Stones'

    WWE star Daniel Bryan has shown his support for Everton in a video posted to Twitter by radio presenter Big Rossi...

    Joe Gallagher Written by Joe Gallagher about 29 days ago 3,043 reads 7 comments