1. Brooklyn Nets Must Choose Between Brook Lopez and Mason Plumlee This Offseason

    A basketball team is supposed to house players whose skill sets complement one another, but you won't find that concept being put to practice in parts of the Brooklyn Nets roster...

    Fred Katz Written by Fred Katz about 9 days ago 5,320 reads 23 comments

  2. Brooklyn Nets Put off Big Decisions About Future, for Now

    An almost NBA record 39 players were dealt on the day of the trade deadline. Somewhat surprisingly, only one of them was a Brooklyn Net. Against most expectations, Brooklyn's "big three" will stay together for the remainder of the season...

    Fred Katz Written by Fred Katz about 12 days ago 3,416 reads 4 comments

  3. NBA Rumors: Last-Minute Trade Buzz Before Deadline

    What would the NBA trade deadline be without a few last-minute rumors whipping fans into a frenzy? It may seem like those staffing NBA front offices are the ultimate procrastinators, ...

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  4. NBA Trade Deadline 2015: Potential Moves That Will Impact Playoff Race

    The NBA trade deadline may be more sizzle than steak most years, but there are a number of intriguing players who could swap teams before Thursday's deadline...

    Scott Polacek Written by Scott Polacek about 13 days ago 2,785 reads 1 comments

  5. Breaking Down the Likelihood of the Latest NBA Trade Rumors

    NBA trade rumors continue to circulate wildly as Thursday's deadline looms. Among the most popular players featured in these rumors are Brook Lopez , Arron Afflalo and Goran Dragic...

    Katie Richcreek Written by Katie Richcreek about 14 days ago 3,290 reads 0 comments

  6. NBA Trade Rumors: Chatter Surrounding Brook Lopez, Nik Stauskas and More

    With the 2015 NBA trade deadline fast approaching, there is no shortage of chatter and buzz regarding potential last-minute deals...

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  7. Insider Buzz: Oklahoma City Thunder Looking to Make 'Big Move' Before Deadline

    The Oklahoma City Thunder have been climbing the standings in the West with a healthy Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook . Since the Thunder acquired Dion Waiters in January, they have been looking into additional trades before next week's Feb..

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  8. NBA Trade Rumors: Analyzing Buzz on Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young and More

    The 2015 NBA trade deadline isn't until Feb. 19—at 3 p.m. ET, to be exact—but already the league has seen flurries of trade rumors this winter...

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