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  6. Kubiak concerned Osweiler is taking too many big hits https://t.co/ZrYDlR6yf8 via @9News #9news #9sports

  7. Cris Carter on Monday Night Countdown says the Broncos need to stick with Brock Osweiler. https://t.co/I89J9mVt25

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  12. Tom Jackson on Monday Countdown says the Broncos need to keep Brock Osweiler as their starter.

  13. Keyshawn says he needs to see a few more games. CC and TJ say keep Brock Osweiler as the starter the rest of 2015. https://t.co/fEaH0YSbiB

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  15. Brock Osweiler Solid In Win Against Patriots

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  17. Osweiler, playoff contenders top young defense among topics. Check it out: https://t.co/Vr0NUlupET https://t.co/LzZCSMi5ST

  18. Tom Jackson on Monday Night Countdown says Brock Osweiler needs to remain the starter for the rest of the season. https://t.co/PB6gXdLWWn

  19. Gary Kubiak is "real concerned" about the number of hits Brock Osweiler has been taking https://t.co/mAT2j3zoEn

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  21. Sanders, Osweiler Working on Chemistry

  22. Report: Target for Peyton's Return Is Week 15

  23. Gary Kubiak on Brock Osweiler: He really understands his role. He's playing within himself and making the plays that need to be made.

  24. Gary Kubiak concerned with hits #Broncos' Brock Osweiler is taking https://t.co/jk0ej3SKM7 by @CameronWolfe https://t.co/g5l1pid92n

  25. Ryan had good coverage on both completions, too. Just perfect throws from Osweiler.

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  29. Logan Ryan was terrific last night and deserved better. Osweiler was 0 of 7 (3 PBUs) targeting Ryan before 2/2, 40 yards, TD on final drive.

  30. At this rate, Brock Osweiler will be 7-4 by the time he starts Super Bowl 50.

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  33. FWIW, Osweiler measured 6-6 7/8ths at the 2012 combine. He’s not 6-7, not 6-8 nor 6-9 as I heard today. A @curtisbeast column in the making.

  34. Per @mortreport, Peyton Manning not expected to be healthy “anytime soon.” Maybe a month from a real Manning-Osweiler decision.

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  45. Since 2001 the 2 Qbs to overcome 4th quarter deficit of 14 or more vs Pats when Brady plays whole game? Peyton Manning & Brock Osweiler

  46. The two best rushing performances of The Broncos season? Both of Brock Osweiler's starts. He allows Gary Kubiak to run the offense he wants

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  48. Osweiler Proves He Should Start for Broncos

  49. Broncos proved vs. Pats that they have a big-time QB, says @DonBanks. It's Brock Osweiler: https://t.co/Nm4p8U5Vm0 https://t.co/mvJZvMPosL

  50. Osweiler credits Peyton for halftime adjustments https://t.co/ZKel80TVEp

  51. Osweiler (250 Yds, 2 TDs), DT (59 Yds, 1 TD) in Win

  52. Latimer Snags 10-Yd Quick Slant for TD

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  57. Brock Osweiler 'looked like a seasoned vet' vs. Patriots https://t.co/dLOyCH1idL

  58. C.J. Anderson was our top-graded RB this week, and Osweiler earned a good grade in Denver's upset of New England: https://t.co/XTwdMSnsBA

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  60. O-Line Prepares to Adjust to Mobile QB Osweiler

  61. As the huddle broke, Osweiler told C.J. Anderson: “Hey man, just go. Make a play.” https://t.co/NMOyyQruKk

  62. Osweiler called an audible into game-winning run in overtime https://t.co/xD1KVZYDeI

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  65. Re-watching the game now. Brock Osweiler is going to be a rich man.

  66. Brock Osweiler changed call on C.J. Anderson’s game-winning TD: https://t.co/nI9t96EUkc by @NickiJhabvala https://t.co/qnSDnSwjUC

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  73. Brock Osweiler called an audible on CJs TD run in OT "It was a check that we had worked on all week in practice." #Broncos

  74. Quirky stats: Sunday night Brock Osweiler and Tom Brady were both 23-of-42 passing, both sacked three times. Brady for 280, Osweiler for 270

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  77. Brock Osweiler checked into the run play on third down before CJ Anderson's touchdown. I was told the OL was pushing for a run call there.

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