1. Brian Orakpo said sacks "have just been falling his way" and that his approach from earlier in the year has not changed.

  2. 5 sacks in the last 4 games? Brian Orakpo has our vote for this year's Pro Bowl!  Head over to TitansOnline.com to find out how to vote for Rak and all of your favorite #Titans!

  3. Our @TitansCheers, Brian Orakpo and Coty Sensabaugh are having a blast at the Tracy Lawrence Turkey Fry! #MissionPossible

  4. 4 sacks in last 3 games for Orakpo, who has team-best 6 overall. #Titans

  5. #Titans OLB @rak98 has three consecutive games with at least one sack. More notes: https://t.co/ECg8X8Ferq https://t.co/Pxms2kq9JN

  6. Mularkey on Orakpo: "3 weeks in a row now he's had a sack." Calls him a "game wrecker." #Titans

  7. Mularkey says teams have to worry about Orakpo being a game-wrecker. #Titans

  8. OLB @rak98: Quarterbacks know we're always bringing the pressure. I'm proud of our front 4. https://t.co/9SiKB3KQ5W

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  10. Healthy Orakpo providing return on #Titans' investment: https://t.co/osqzd0bikH https://t.co/ayaWBxOcad

  11. At $20 million, makes little sense. Maybe as a last resort but not as a strategy like it was with Orakpo https://t.co/nl6jrzmUri

  12. Credit @rak98 for that forced fumble. #TitanUp

  13. Orakpo ties career high with at least one sack in four straight games. #Titans

  14. Another red-zone trip, another settling for FG try. Bortles sacked by Orakpo, who beats Joeckel. #Jaguars

  15. ORAKPO #SACK! That's FOUR consecutive games with a sack for @rak98.

  16. Orakpo sack in fourth straight game. Best #Titans streak for anyone but Jevon Kearse.

  17. Bortles should have said something to Orakpo like Williamson did to Cam

  18. Orakpo's 4th sack in as many games forces the Jags into the FG, evening the game up at 6-6. #TNF #Titans #Jaguars

  19. Orakpo credited with forced fumble. #Titans

  20. Bortles needed to throw that quicker, but Luke Joeckel got abused by Orakpo.

  21. Orakpo hurt on field. Really stretched for last tackle. #Titans

  22. Orakpo down, getting medical attention. #Titans

  23. Orakpo is walking off the field. Looked like an arm or shoulder issue. #Titans

  24. Orakpo has had three torn pectorals in his career. That looked like some kind of shoulder/arm injury. #Titans

  25. Orakpo back in the game. #Titans

  26. Orakpo is being tended to. Would be a massive loss for Tennessee.

  27. Orakpo down and hurting again for #Titans. Not a good sign at all. Walking off field now.

  28. Orakpo down again for the #Titans

  29. Orakpo being looked at again, now walking off field. #Titans

  30. Orakpo off injured for second time on the drive. #Titans

  31. Orakpo back out there for #Titans

  32. Good to see Orakpo back out there.

  33. Mularkey: "We're pretty banged up." McCluster knee. Searcy knee. "Bumps & bruises" with Orakpo. #Titans

  34. Orakpo ties career high with sack in 4th straight game as #Titans & #Jaguars locked at 6-6 at half. https://t.co/8pndEbOB33 via @Tennessean

  35. Brian Orakpo is the #Titans’ only player other than Jevon Kearse since the beginning of the 1999 season to record a 4-game sack streak. #TitanUp

  36. Brian Orakpo shaken up for the #Titans