1. Go time, BA.


  3. Sprinkle's 3 TD catch of the night a 10-yard grab puts the Hogs back on top w/5:33 left. Hog TEs have 5 TD, Allen 7 TD passes

  4. For the THIRD time tonight, BA ➡️  #Touchdown https://t.co/izcg2VGztj

  5. 2-point conversion ✅ 50-44 HOGS!

  6. I have no idea what's happening. I do know that Arkansas football will be the death of Mississippi's sportswriters.

  7. Brandon Allen = 

  8. Another wild shootout going down for the Razorbacks. Hogs lead Miss. State 50-44 w/5:27 left

  9. 3rd and 5 coming up but Hogs take first TO of the half. 3:10 remaining, up 6. #BeatState

  10. Alright boys, time to do it again.

  11. Wow, what a throw. 17 yards to @officialjred and a FIRST DOWN.

  12. BA ➡️ Hunter Henry = First Down. Ball on the 44...

  13. Holy moly, another first down for the Hogs. LET'S GOOOOO!

  14. Bert Bielema, from the Big Ten, is trying to turn the SEC into the Big 12

  15. Absolute heartbreaker. Hogs fall 51-50.

  16. Bielema: We weren't able to execute the most monumental, easy thing we have to be able to accomplish, which is a FG inside the 20-yd line.

  17. Arkansas coach Bret Bielema: “We weren’t able to execute the most basic thing” https://t.co/gxi3frHTzl

  18. Arkansas coach Bret Bielema after losing heartbreaker: ‘We weren’t able to execute most simple thing’ https://t.co/RCnOnAIWFi

  19. 14 touchdowns & 1,110 total yards ... WHAT. A. GAME. Thanks for the thrills @RazorbackFB! Let's do it again soon! https://t.co/AEQ0s9xxZp

  20. VIDEO: Bret Bielema recaps Arkansas' 51-50 loss to Mississippi State https://t.co/0q0ufE4FGI

  21. Brandon Allen Throws Seven Touchdowns https://t.co/t2pz4o3S8d

  22. SEVEN touchdowns. Watch BA break his previous record. https://t.co/t2pz4o3S8d

  23. Column: Bret Bielema picks an odd time to take his foot off the pedal https://t.co/XQFJBIaRw9

  24. It's NFL Sunday! Several #ProHogs in action today. https://t.co/wJsvc8bqoU

  25. #WoooPig TE tradition! https://t.co/CUqZYgEMeJ

  26. Yes it has but Arkansas defense is 7on football, the #LSU pass-run decisions were good https://t.co/o7sNkSD9MW

  27. The final depth chart of the regular season is here: https://t.co/dguy7NNF2r

  28. VOTE to help BA win Manning Award QB of the Week for the 3rd time this season! https://t.co/PxviAmi3cl https://t.co/MQcgj5iP6g

  29. Coach Bielema press conference is now live. https://t.co/jZQaPdjRsG

  30. Bielema: We will practice late tonight with the short week. We will treat it like a shorter Tuesday practice.

  31. Bielema: Gary (Pinkel) is a tremendous coach. I love how direct he is. I have the utmost respect for him.

  32. Bielema: Keon's coming back and SEC will let J.Will talk to upper-NFL folks before making call. Says J-Will was 3rd to 5th round last year

  33. Enos: I was proud of how our guys responded but at the end of the day our job is to score enough points to win and we came up a bit short.

  34. Enos: Brandon Allen's game was one of the best performances I've seen by a quarterback in my career. He was incredible.

  35. Enos on Zou D: They're salty man. They do a great job. A lot of low-scoring games with teams they've played and there's a reason for that.

  36. VIDEO: Arkansas coach Bret Bielema previews the Razorbacks' upcoming game vs. Missouri. https://t.co/IBtV6MSxIG https://t.co/8vSVFEk63Z