1. Brent Grimes’ wife takes shot at Stephen Ross, #Dolphins organization https://t.co/rDaeZVFIuF

  2. Report: Grimes' Wife Miko Arrested After Loss

  3. That was too easy: Fitzpatrick to Marshall for a 3-yard TD. Brent Grimes having a rough day. #MIAvsNYJ

  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick throws a fade to Brandon Marshall he catches in end zone for 3-yard touchdown, on Brent Grimes. (2 TDs allowed today).

  5. Too easy for Brandon Marshall... #Jets WR catches a 3-yard TD on Brent Grimes. #dolphins

  6. Brent Grimes might be playing his last few games with the Dolphins.

  7. Brent Grimes ain’t sleeping tonight.

  8. Brandon Marshall punishing Brent Grimes and MIA secondary today. Jets driving, up 21-7 entering 4Q.

  9. Brandon Marshall has caught seven passes for 118 yards and one touchdown this game. And all the catches have been on Brent Grimes.

  10. Brent Grimes illegally contacts Brandon Marshall, doesn't matter. Marshall right through it and a big gain for the Jets. 47 yards.

  11. Brandon Marshall catches a 47-yard pass on Brent Grimes, eating off a shot and go. Grimes called for PI on play. PI turned down.

  12. Brent Grimes looking good as a punt returner. Still strange for him to be back there, but he does know what to do with the ball in his hands

  13. Brent Grimes with a great punt return of 28-yards.

  14. "And I'm Bills-Game Brent Grimes, and I have DirecTV."

  15. Marshall is just abusing Brent Grimes right now.

  16. Damien Williams returning kickoff after Grimes returned the punt

  17. Brandon Marshall now has 3 catches for 53 yard and one touchdown. All of them came while covered by Brent Grimes.

  18. Brandon Marshall just put a @ChrisWesseling-sanctioned clown suit on Brent Grimes. Eight TDs for Marshall this season.

  19. Brandon Marshall prefers to work in the slot. Brent Grimes rarely ever goes inside. Todd Bowles and his staff exploited it. That's coaching.

  20. That Ricardo Allen interception was reminiscent of the leaping ability of Brent Grimes. Fantastically athletic play.

  21. Ryan Fitzpatrick TD to Brandon Marshall gives #Jets 7-0 lead on #Dolphins. Marshall torching Brent Grimes. Has 3-53-1 early.

  22. 5'10" Brent Grimes vs. 6'4" Brandon Marshall. Great matchup for #Jets, not so great for #Dolphins.

  23. Brandon Marshall catches a 16-yard touchdown, beating Brent Grimes on a corner pass while he's lined up in the slot. Great scheme. 7-0

  24. Brandon Marshall is destroying Brent Grimes #nyj

  25. Brandon Marshall with a nice back shoulder throw for 16-yards, caught on Brent Grimes.

  26. Brent Grimes got turned around by a great cut from Brandon Marshall.

  27. Brent Grimes just returned that punt. That's a first I believe in Miami

  28. Brent Grimes, punt returner.

  29. Brent Grimes returns the punt for 7 yards, goes out of bounds around midfield. Grimes filling in for the banged up Jarvis Landry #Dolphins

  30. #Dolphins CB Brent Grimes at punt return for WR Jarvis Landry. #MIAvsNYJ

  31. This is Brent Grimes' dream. He's always wanted to be a returner for a game. He's doing the work for Jarvis Landry and Rishard Matthews.

  32. Brent Grimes returning punts. Landry's health has ripple effects.

  33. #Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes faces tough task of shadowing #Jets WR Brandon Marshall https://t.co/mi5iTEBXiV

  34. Shadowing an elite receiver one of the toughest tasks in football. Brent Grimes has that task today vs Marshall. https://t.co/mi5iTEBXiV

  35. As Brent Grimes can attest, shadowing an elite WR one of the toughest tasks in football -- https://t.co/Rpt2DoC6y3 https://t.co/zJNiR94AoV

  36. I need the technical name of this wrestling move Brent Grimes was working on. https://t.co/q2ArOLMOF4

  37. From @domcosentino: 3 Miami Dolphins-Jets matchups to watch, including Brent Grimes vs. Brandon Marshall. https://t.co/9oE2K9LRvD

  38. #Panther have CB Josh Norman traveling with Dez Bryant, who was also followed by Richard Sherman and Brent Grimes recently

  39. Just in case you thought Brent Grimes child-like antics was an isolated… https://t.co/1LDNCIWUvV

  40. This is why you have to watch Brent Grimes during practice. He is like a… https://t.co/KpOjWsPAEb