1. Brandon Moss to Cardinals: Latest Trade Details, Comments, and Reaction

    The St. Louis Cardinals added a powerful bat to bolster their World Series hopes Thursday, as they acquired slugging outfielder and first baseman Brandon Moss from the Cleveland Indians in exchange for highly touted pitching prospect Rob Kaminsky.

    Mike  Chiari Written by Mike Chiari about 4 months ago 54,219 reads 118 comments

  2. Grading the Oakland Athletics' Offseason Trades so Far

    With seven All-Stars under contract through the 2015 season, many thought the Oakland Athletics would remain silent in winter meetings...

    Benjy Egel Written by Benjy Egel about 10 months ago 1,026 reads 0 comments

  3. Billy Beane Continues to Sell High on A's 2014 All-Stars with Derek Norris Deal

    And so the Oakland Athletics tear-down continues. General manager Billy Beane made yet another trade Thursday evening, sending All-Star catcher Derek Norris to California neighbors, ...

    Jason Catania Written by Jason Catania about 12 months ago 16,186 reads 51 comments

  4. Brandon Moss Trade Brings Indians a Proven Power Bat at Small Price

    Last week, the Cleveland Indians were said to have considerable interest in acquiring Brandon Moss from the Oakland Athletics , and it was widely believed the two teams would strike a deal before the weekend ...

    Mike Rosenbaum Written by Mike Rosenbaum about 12 months ago 18,508 reads 33 comments

  5. Brandon Moss to Indians: Latest Trade Details, Comments and Reaction

    Given the lack of power bats available in free agency this offseason, Brandon Moss was one of the most viable trade candidates for the Oakland Athletics . General manager Billy Beane took advantage of the opportunity to deal the first baseman...

    Adam Wells Written by Adam Wells about 12 months ago 61,207 reads 103 comments

  6. Brandon Moss Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz, Speculation Surrounding Athletics Star

    The Oakland Athletics are looking to deal slugger Brandon Moss as part of their rebuilding effort, and the outfielder has reportedly been traded to the Cleveland Indians ...

    Adam Wells Written by Adam Wells about 12 months ago 23,422 reads 60 comments