1. So, @bcraw35 beat Simmons handily in the SABR portion of the voting. I'd explain the index, but I never made it to Calculus.

  2. Crawford Calls Long-Term Deal 'Easy Decision'

  3. Crawford's Big-Money Extension Is a Win-Win

  4. Report: Giants Sign Crawford to 6-Yr/$75M Extension

  5. Report: Giants Interested in Extending Crawford

  6. Actually, index had @bcraw35 as the top defensive player in NL at ANY position.

  7. Now @bcraw35 has his own #GoldGlove AND his own @MLB.com Clubhouse sticker. #SFGiants https://t.co/C43mCWYAvN

  8. So much talent, @bcraw35 ⚾️ #SFGiants https://t.co/zZLnCZVprt

  9. Biggest Surprises of 2015 Gold Glove Awards

  10. Crawford Takes to the Small Screen

  11. B/R's MLB Defensive Player of the Year Awards

  12. His pitchers agree - @bcraw35 is the right choice. via @AlexPavlovic https://t.co/fkvooJuHwa #GoldGlove #SFGiants https://t.co/G6wnfNxUG5

  13. Congratulations @jb_bosch -- you won an autographed @bcraw35 baseball! #GoldGlove #SFGiants https://t.co/MQ0UYmjhVE

  14. The best plays of Brandon Crawford's Gold Glove season https://t.co/tZ9MHQdTAT https://t.co/lL1VwE4nsf

  15. Tonight's #SFGiants lineup vs. AZ: Pagan CF De Aza LF Duffy 3B Posey C Belt 1B Byrd RF Crawford SS Tomlinson 2B Bumgarner LHP

  16. Rawlings says @bcraw35. But I think Wilson sells more footballs than baseball gloves. They come fully inflated. https://t.co/yGCc2wvsLo

  17. Brandon Crawford wins a Silver Slugger, given to the best offensive SS in the NL. He earlier won a Gold Glove, given to best defensive SS.

  18. Defense ☑️ Offense ☑️ Have an awards season, Brandon Crawford! 2015 NL #SilverSlugger at Shortstop. #SFGiants https://t.co/wWx9fjFkkB

  19. First a Gold Glove for #SFGiants SS Brandon Crawford and now a Silver Slugger. A pretty sparkling week.

  20. That buried the lede. Should have been "Brandon Crawford wins NL Gold Glove for the next six years"

  21. Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, and Madison Bumgarner all win Silver Slugger Awards https://t.co/tUPVK0Ktem https://t.co/GCWQpNegkW

  22. Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, and Maddison Bumgarner all just won Silver Slugger Awards. Congratulations #SFGiants https://t.co/K5vtlFn8iY

  23. Brandon Crawford, age-25 OPS+: 86 Andrelton Simmons, age-25 OPS+: 86 https://t.co/SbR7QyvHSY

  24. The Giants reportedly want to extend Brandon Crawford, and it won't be cheap https://t.co/83MfaieKbp https://t.co/I4pnjBfbkr

  25. #SFGiants sign @bcraw35 to a six-year contract.

  26. Giants signed Brandon Crawford to a six-year contract.

  27. The #SFGiants announce they have signed SS Brandon Crawford to a 6-year contract

  28. #SFGiants and Brandon Crawford are in agreement on a six-year contract, worth a lot of gold (gloves) and silver (sluggers).

  29. The #SFGiants reward SS Brandon Crawford with six-year contract extension.

  30. #SFGiants announce signing of NL Gold Glove winner Brandon Crawford to 6-year extension.

  31. #SFGiants announce a six-year extension for Brandon Crawford. @Ken_Rosenthal reports it's worth $75MM: https://t.co/VunYHLeks7

  32. Brandon Crawford signs 6-year, $75m deal. Remember when the Giants got Orlando Cabrera? https://t.co/oQ2cHNgoV4 https://t.co/yzdgKFmgkg

  33. He dreamed of playing SS for the #SFGiants. For @bcraw35, there's no reason for that dream to end. Story: https://t.co/4LfOHBUO6f

  34. #SFGiants sign SS Brandon Crawford to six-year extension worth a reported $75M https://t.co/1Rqk5rngbm

  35. Updated, detailed story on @bcraw35's six-year, $75 million deal, including contract breakdown. https://t.co/H67CWkwpKi via @sfchronicle

  36. Get ready for a lot more Brandon Crawford, #SFGiants fans. He signed a six-year, $75MM extension today. Read more: https://t.co/VunYHLeks7

  37. Updated #SFGiants Payroll page: SS Brandon Crawford agreed to 6 yr, $75M deal ... https://t.co/A4vacIIz1Z https://t.co/Ed7V4mqWZi

  38. Don’t miss the @BCraw35 press conference today at 12:30pm Streaming Live https://t.co/0920bHx0wm https://t.co/LKLA1PGN4n

  39. In here, I look at the risk vs. reward of Brandon Crawford's extension: https://t.co/OhV3TEbu7Y https://t.co/b9doxol62h

  40. Brandon Crawford and Bobby Evans have hot mics at the end of their press conference, and they're not saying, "SO ZACK AGREED TO THE DEAL."

  41. At @bcraw35 press conference, Evans said Belt long-term deal not likely till at least spring, but health is not an issue. Sides have talked.

  42. Brandon Crawford just said that being a better shortstop than Danny Espinosa used to motivate him in college. That's awesome.