1. "I didn't know whether to be scared or excited." Bolden on his TD catch: https://t.co/y7DPfDdvfq https://t.co/o5DNxRRPf0

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  4. Brandon Bolden To See Increased Role In Patriots Offense

  5. Belichick on Bolden: Can Always Count on Him

  6. Belichick adds on Bolden: "Glad we were able to get him extended last year." Brings versatility. Solid in pass game as well as run game.

  7. On the onside kick, Pats had a 5-on-3 advantage on right side. Those 5? Slater, Ebner, Bolden, McCourty, Richards. Yeah, mismatch.

  8. It Is What It Is >> Belichick happy he has Bolden: ‘Glad we were able to extend him last year’ https://t.co/qvIYtbd1eT via @WEEI

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  12. Makes more sense for the Patriots to add a pass-catching back, but Bolden's versatility gives the Patriots flexibility if they add an RB.

  13. How does Patriots offense change with James White/Brandon Bolden? https://t.co/EYa5vxuRlx

  14. Walkthrough began with James White lined up as a LB with the scout team. LG Blount was the RB with first team. Bolden was off to side.

  15. Bolden/Amendola in the backfield.

  16. Bolden and White on the field now on third down.

  17. #Patriots "next man up" philosophy being tested today. Amendola isn't Edelman. White/Bolden aren't Lewis. Cam Fleming isn't Solder

  18. 1st penalty of the year on Bolden.

  19. Put that Martin block up against the block from Bolden in last year's AFC title game. https://t.co/12hEra7K9A

  20. Patriots RB snap tracker (at halftime/includes penalties): James White 15, LeGarrette Blount 11, Brandon Bolden 9.

  21. Run on 3rd-10? Single back run to Bolden? Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is overthinking it, which is exactly what Rex Ryan wants him to do.

  22. Patriots RB snap tracker (3 drives/includes penalties): LeGarrette Blount 11, James White 8, Brandon Bolden 2.

  23. Patriots RB snap tracker (1st drive/includes penalties): LeGarrette Blount 8, James White 6, Brandon Bolden 0.

  24. Patriots RB Brandon Bolden reflects on college teammate Greg Hardy: ‘He was a good teammate’+https://t.co/GbaTSTsroB

  25. Patriots RB Brandon Bolden reflects on college teammate Greg Hardy: ‘He was a good teammate’+https://t.co/GbaTSTK2Nb

  26. It Is What It Is >> Brandon Bolden reflects on college teammate Greg Hardy: ‘He was a good teammate’ https://t.co/GbaTSTK2Nb via @WEEI

  27. #Patriots offensive snap counts: Blount plays the most RB snaps, and James White plays considerably more than Bolden https://t.co/QGolA0AK8e

  28. Patriots RB snap tracker (final): LeGarrette Blount 38, James White 27, Brandon Bolden 10.

  29. Dion Lewis in 2015: 12.1 touches per game, 88.8 yards from scrimmage Bolden/White tonight: 2 touches, 2 yards.

  30. Like @BenVolin predicted on @SiriusXMNFL - @LG_Blount filling @DionLewisRB void for @Patriots. James White, @BB_HulkSmash each have 1 carry

  31. James White and Brandon Bolden have played a combined 18 snaps. Together, they have one touch for 5 yards. Offense can't truly replace Lewis

  32. Patriots RB snap tracker (halftime, includes penalties): LeGarrette Blount 21, James White 13, Brandon Bolden 7.

  33. RB snaps: LG Blount 15, James White 9, Brandon Bolden 6.

  34. Patriots RB snap tracker (through 3 drives): LeGarrette Blount 14, James White 8, Brandon Bolden 6.

  35. Fnatasy-niks, note that Brandon Bolden - not James White - is getting the opening look as the new Dion Lewis.

  36. Patriots RB snap tracker on first drive: LeGarrette Blount 10, Brandon Bolden 3, James White 3. One play with both Bolden and White.

  37. RB snaps on that first drive: LG Blount 9, James White 3, Brandon Bolden 3

  38. James White and Brandon Bolden in the backfield on that third down

  39. Brandon Bolden is coming onto the field on third down.

  40. Brandon Bolden comes in on third down. No James White.

  41. Brandon Bolden gets the start as the Patriots third down back

  42. Patriots vs. Giants Live: James White, Brandon Bolden Are Third-Down Options https://t.co/WP3kbXop92

  43. Film Room: Brandon Bolden, #Patriots Passing Back? https://t.co/1Z5l2rbs9T https://t.co/sxjZDl1C0x

  44. James White and/or Brandon Bolden in line for potential role increase. https://t.co/LmEWVIgA8M

  45. Bill Belichick really happy he has Brandon Bolden: ‘Glad we were able to extend him last year’+https://t.co/qvIYtbd1eT