1. An "angry" Kobe Bryant sat out of practice while Brandon Bass was out with an eye injury https://t.co/8Yz47sp2MQ https://t.co/02dlSHwx8f

  2. Scott's 'Man Up' Philosophy Is Not the Answer for Lakers

  3. Scott May Continue to Experiment with a Bass-Kelly Frontcourt

  4. Bass Out Thursday with Knee Injury

  5. Lakers' Bass Out Thursday with Knee Injury

  6. Lakers are listing Brandon Bass (left eye) & Larry Nance Jr. (nose) as questionable to play against Denver

  7. Nuggets are on a 8-0 run as Lou Williams and Brandon Bass are in.

  8. A good hustle play from Brandon Bass got LAL an extra possession, which Ryan Kelly used to convert an and-1 over Mike Miller. LAL up 34-25.

  9. Lakers Not Thrilled with Running at Training Camp

  10. Bass Knows How to Impress Mamba: 'Arguably the Best'

  11. Bass Says Kobe Can Still Be One of Best in NBA

  12. Julius Randle checking back into the game. Brandon Bass having a tough start so far after missing first 3 shots

  13. Brandon Bass getting a short rotation, an adjustment by Byron because it clearly wasn't working - we'll see how long he sticks w/ this bench

  14. Halftime leaders for your Lakers: Points: Jordan Clarkson, 20 Rebounds: Brandon Bass, 7 Assists: D'Angelo Russell, 5

  15. I'll never forget Byron Scott burying Brandon Bass on the bench in NOLA. Dude never even got a shot until he left. https://t.co/RhPsqufbjQ

  16. The second unit players that have been out of the rotation tonight: Marcelo Huertas, Ryan Kelly and Brandon Bass.

  17. Hey, Brandon Bass checks in.

  18. Nice pass by D'Angelo Russell, but Brandon Bass can't finish there.

  19. Jordan Clarkson with a nice find to Brandon Bass as it's all tied at 45.

  20. Jordan Clarkson throws a dime to Brandon Bass https://t.co/Qn6SbMVeyj https://t.co/WWsfHvtNDW

  21. Look, Byron, old buddy old pal... We gotta talk about this "Brandon Bass at the 5" thing.

  22. It looks like Hibbert is coming back into the game. Which is good, because, well, Brandon Bass isn't a center.

  23. First quarter leaders for your Lakers: Points: Kobe Bryant, 7 Rebounds: Brandon Bass, 3 Assists: D'Angelo Russell, 3

  24. Halftime leaders for your Lakers: Points: Kobe Bryant, 14 Rebounds: Brandon Bass, 6 Assists: D'Angelo Russell, 3

  25. Brandon Bass with back-to-back turnovers and Lakers trail 61-55.

  26. Two straight Brandon Bass turnovers have LAL at 15 overall. They trail 61-55 with 2:23 left in the 3rd.

  27. Brandon Bass with a quick dunk to open the fourth quarter. Lakers trail, 64-57, in Dallas.


  29. Brandon Bass gets fouled on his dunk and completes the three-point play. That's 7 pts, 9 reb and 3 blk for him.

  30. Brandon Bass has gotten backup C minutes over Tarik Black the last few games. Randle is the lone starter still on the floor in a 14-all tie.

  31. Brandon Bass at the five lineup once again. Because if something doesn't work at all, you have to keep trying it.

  32. It took nine games, but Brandon Bass finally makes an elbow jumper there.

  33. You know, Robert Upshaw would probably be a better (and more fun) center on this team than Brandon Bass. https://t.co/5q1mhL5VG1

  34. This dunk is easily Brandon Bass' best play as a Laker: https://t.co/suX89CE450 https://t.co/s8BrRETAqC

  35. Brandon Bass at center isn't working. I need Robert Sacre to change into his uniform and check himself in.

  36. Brandon Bass with the steal and slam to cut Phoenix's lead to 28-26!

  37. Brandon Bass saw my tweet about him and decided to steal and dunk.

  38. Brandon Bass dunked so hard I almost forgot he's not a center https://t.co/YM1JoZrI4R https://t.co/3jyctFdWID

  39. Some thoughts on Brandon Bass & the Lakers' glut of Power Forwards: https://t.co/8kV0askR5Y

  40. From earlier, I wrote about Brandon Bass & the Lakers overstock of power forwards: https://t.co/8kV0askR5Y

  41. ICYMI, here's a thing I wrote on Brandon Bass & why he and the Lakers might both benefit from a trade: https://t.co/8kV0askR5Y

  42. This might shock you but the Raptors scored on a layup on Brandon Bass' first defensive possession

  43. Brandon Bass converts on tipin to end 3rd Q. Raptors enter 4th Q with a 76-70 lead.

  44. Refs say no-go on Brandon Bass' tip-in - so 76-68 Raptors, their biggest lead

  45. Brandon Bass' third-quarter tip-in was ruled after the buzzer. No good.

  46. That last basket from Portland - Brandon Bass turned his back so he didn't lose Ed Davis -didn't challenge the drive - Blazers 32-23 after 1