1. "I think there's a good chance but I can't say with any certainty that he'll definitely play," Ausmus said.

  2. Daniel Norris, Brad Ausmus shoot down pitch-count controversy: http://t.co/bBDUGaegSo

  3. Ausmus unconcerned by contract status w/ #Tigers; 'Don't care at all ... I'm not even the slightest bit concerned' | https://t.co/8Yo24CdKGf

  4. From earlier, Brad Ausmus has no concerns about lame-duck contract status with the #Tigers; "Don't care at all." — http://t.co/8Yo24CdKGf

  5. Coming up on our show today guests include: Jose Bautista #BlueJays; Buck Showalter #Orioles; Brad Ausmus #Tigers & Bruce Bochy #Giants XM89

  6. Who else wonders if Ausmus would have done this to young Daniel Norris without his 2016 return already decided? http://t.co/MB3l1z1qF9

  7. The Tigers adding a closer in the off-season, "I would think that would definitely be high on the priority list," Brad Ausmus said earlier.

  8. Ausmus expects search for closer in offseason: The names, at least those expected to be available in free agen... http://t.co/zhbtc5qWMu

  9. Is Cabrera going to need any offseason medical procedures? Ausmus: "He may have to go see the dentist or something to get a cleaning."

  10. Is Cabrera going to need any offseason medical procedures? Ausmus: "There's nothing on the docket for him."

  11. Tonight will most likely be Miguel Cabrera's final at-bats of the season. Ausmus: "He'd probably sit tomorrow."

  12. Victor Martinez is sick today, Brad Ausmus said. With one day left in the season, Martinez is "Day," Ausmus said.

  13. Ausmus, who played with Tony Gwynn when he hit .394 in 1994: "I haven't come across a hitter like Miggy in my career other than him."

  14. Ausmus: "Miggy, despite the fact that his home runs were down this year, combines power and average like no one I've seen."

  15. Brad Ausmus said Justin Verlander, "I think he has shown to any doubters that he's still a top of the rotation guy."

  16. No surgery needed, supposedly. "There's nothing on the docket for him in terms of baseball-related," Ausmus said. https://t.co/Xc2SIxK2RA

  17. 80-85 pitches for Daniel Norris today, Ausmus said. Randy Wolf might get an appearance out of bullpen.

  18. Daniel Norris will be on an 80-85 pitch limit today, Brad Ausmus said. Randy Wolf likely will pitch in relief.

  19. Brad Ausmus said before the game that Victor Martinez, "I just think he was never right and created bad habits as a result" this season.

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  21. I'm having flashbacks to Everrett, Ausmus, pitcher NL years

  22. Asked how much momentum the Tigers could take from today's win into next season, Brad Ausmus said, "Zero."

  23. Asked if he would miss us, Ausmus said, "No."

  24. Norris split nail on left index finger, which happens to him sometimes in cool weather. Ausmus said he already decided that was it after 5.

  25. Ausmus: "They’re going to try to clean some things up mechanically that hopefully make his release point more consistent."

  26. Hunter was the motivational leader in Anaheim, Detroit and Minny.Ausmus said last month that his absence hurt Tigers https://t.co/4xfIqf69To

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  28. About Brad Ausmus, Al Avila said, "It was on my mind 24/7 whether to fire him or not."

  29. Avila: Tigers' Ausmus ‘all-in,’ and players responded: The subject of manager Brad Ausmus was raised, not by t... http://t.co/5TNIgDPfHv

  30. Is Brad Ausmus going to make a join on PA on way to KC? Is Drayton going to promise McHugh a bulldozer?

  31. “Must be nice to have Wade Davis.” -Brad Ausmus https://t.co/SRCCCahUoA

  32. 37 pitches in the sixth for Volquez? Who does Ned think he is, Brad Ausmus?

  33. Servais' hiring in Seattle would mean four former Astros catchers are managing, joining Ausmus, Cash & Bochy.

  34. Brad Ausmus: "Torii was my biggest asset in the clubhouse last season. That presence was missed in 2015." https://t.co/YuLfRWUSa5

  35. Brad Ausmus said the Tigers started with a list of about 20 names, narrowed to a half-dozen before making decision.

  36. Ausmus: Started out w/ 20 names, narrowed it down to half-doz. "We had number of recommendations for him." Named Billmeyer, Leyland, Lamont

  37. Brad Ausmus said the team's list started with 20 names and was whittled down to six before Dubee's hiring.

  38. Ausmus indicated that the topic of how open a candidate was to employing analytics was important in the process of selecting new P coach

  39. Among the recommendations Brad Ausmus received on Dubee's behalf: Jim Leyland, Gene Lamont and Mick Billmeyer.