1. After the Ezekiel Elliott Suspension, Can You Trust the NFL's Process?

    Domestic violence investigators kept Roger Goodell at bay, sources tell B/R Mag. Now, insiders and experts say, comes the real test: Either the Cowboys scandal is a precedent—or part of the problem.

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  2. NFL Culture Preview—Kap, Deshaun Watson, Fantasy Busts, More: The B/R Mag Show

    On this week's podcast, the new Texans QB got takes, and the new Dolphins QB is...not Colin Kaepernick. For better or worse, football season is here!

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  3. Doctor Football: All-American, NFL, Brain Surgeon. Next Stop: White House?

    He has the ultimate resume—and he's only 30. Walk along the career path of Myron Rolle, who's setting a new standard for overachievers every day.

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  4. LeSean McCoy Says HE Is the NFL's Best Running Back. Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

    The ageless Bills star (and Eagles castaway) is on a mission to make tailbacks great again. Fantasy owners: You've been warned.

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  5. Is Jared Goff Tough Enough to Be the King of Hollywood?

    The Rams QB is sick of losing and does not want you thinking he's soft. The recovering No. 1 pick is gonna do L.A. his way—even if he takes some licks in the process.

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  6. Tom Brady X Kendrick & Kap, French Montana and More: The B/R Mag Show Podcast

    It was GOAT vs. GOAT this week in sports culture. Plus: Mr. Haaaan himself plays The 3-Minute Drill, and Ramona Shelburne predicts where Kyrie might REALLY end up.

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  7. Dak Prescott Is Not a One-Hit Wonder

    Don't tell the big man in Dallas that he's "arrived"—but don't you dare call him the next Tom Brady either. Inside the making of a Cowboys QB built to last.

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  8. Sam Darnold Is the Realest

    USC's star quarterback and his parents do not live by the LaVar Ball theory of the universe. They let a multisport supernova grow up into his own man. And that's why this 20-year-old might be the No. 1 pick in next year's NFL draft.

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  9. You Can't Stop the Atlanta Falcons

    Forget the apology tour—ATL wants revenge. Inside the plan to get back to the Super Bowl...and win it this time, Tom Brady be damned.

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  10. Kyrie & LaVar vs. LeBron, Cowboys Craziness and More: The B/R Mag Show Podcast

    Fiascos were everywhere this week in sports culture. Plus: We interview Alan Williams of the Phoenix Suns, comedian James Davis...and the man behind the #DriveByDunkChallenge

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  11. The Hungriest Man on Earth

    Aaron Gibson weighed 480 pounds, but a life of lingering pain—and pill-popping, and the disappointment of the NFL—weighed on him heavier than that. Then came love. Then 30,000 calories a day turned into 1,500 sit-ups—and abs.

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  12. Do You Believe in Tre Mason?

    Forget threatening to call the White House. Forget the Maserati incident. Hell, forget Bo Jackson and definitely forget the Rams. This star running back wants to be remembered. He also needs a job.

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  13. Kyrie Irving Just Can't Wait to Be King

    Pippen without Jordan? Kareem without Magic? Kyrie Irving is “uncomfortable” in LeBron’s shadow, but can he really lead a team?

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  14. The Two Faces of Hugh Freeze

    Phone records connecting Hugh Freeze to an escort service shocked everyone this week—or did they? B/R's Lars Anderson says there were warning signs all along.

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  15. Hot Takes by Aaron Rodgers, Inside the BIG3, Beyonce for Prez: The B/R Mag Show

    Green Bay's QB joins the podcast from his summer vacation for a brief moment of joy after a week in sports culture dominated by haircuts, haters and O.J.

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  16. The Real First Family of Hoops

    Stacked with four DI players, including the reigning WNBA MVP, two aspiring doctors and a broadcaster-in-the-making, the Ogwumike sisters are ready to take on anything and anyone—even the Ball family.

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  17. Bad Knees and Big Dreams: Inside the NBA Last Chance League

    Ride along with Kwame Brown, White Chocolate and the original Kaepernick as the BIG3's best team attempts to re-write basketball history with the first chapter of Ice Cube's nostalgia trip—if they don't get hurt tryin'

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