1. Dick Bresciani, Sox PR Man, Dies

    The Red Sox family suffered a deep loss yesterday when longtime media relations man Dick Bresciani lost his battle with cancer and died at the age of 76.....

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  2. No Excuse for Hall of Fame Voters to Pass over Pedro Martinez

    We live in what we like to think of as a “free” country in which every last one of us has a right to speak his or her piece...

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  3. Red Sox Hope Xander Bogaerts Follows Same Route as Hanley Ramirez

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  4. Why the Boston Red Sox Don't Need to Trade Yoenis Cespedes This Offseason

    The Boston Red Sox have too many outfielders, too many corner infielders and not enough pitching. Such was the case before the offseason began, and this sentiment rings even more ...

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  5. 5 Red Sox Most Likely to Be Traded After Latest Signings

    The calendar has not yet turned to December, but the Boston Red Sox have wasted no time making quite the splash in free agency. First, the Red Sox re-signed closer Koji Uehara to a two-year deal in late October...

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  6. Shane Victorino: 'I Should Be the Starting Right Fielder'

    Shane Victorino hasn't swung a bat in nearly four months after undergoing back surgery to repair a bulging disc. His confidence, however, is showing no signs of rust...

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