1. GM Talks Rick Porcello Trade, Plans for Red Sox Going Forward

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  2. Are the Red Sox Secretly Happy Jon Lester Passed on Reunion?

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  3. Grading the Boston Red Sox's Offseason Post-Winter Meetings

    The 2014 MLB winter meetings have come and gone, with the Boston Red Sox as one of the event's most active participants. Now that the dust has settled in San Diego, it's time to evaluate Boston's offseason to this point...

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  4. Is the Red Sox's Post-Winter Meetings Rotation Enough to Contend?

    Shoot for Jon Lester—even if you miss, you'll land Rick Porcello, Wade Miley and Justin Masterson . OK, so that's not exactly how the saying goes...

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  5. Red Sox Initial Depth Chart for the 2015 Season

    The wave of Red Sox moves the past few days wasn't quite to the level of the extreme makeover the Dodgers underwent from Dec. 10-11. However, Boston's roster is still significantly different from where it stood 48 hours ago...

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  6. Wade Miley, Who Is Better Than You Think

    Everyone knew heading into the offseason that the Red Sox starting rotation was going to need some help, and so the first thing they went and did was sign Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval...

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  7. Lester Who? Red Sox Rebuild Rotation

    The Boston Red Sox moved quickly to make up for missing out on Jon Lester, landing three starting pitchers in the span of a few hours without sacrificing any premium prospects or raiding the vault for a massive free-agent deal...

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  8. Justin Masterson to Red Sox: Latest Contract Details, Analysis and Reaction

    The Boston Red Sox have reached an agreement with free-agent starting pitcher Justin Masterson ...

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  9. Jon Lester Calmly Responds to Angry Red Sox Fans over Twitter After Joining Cubs

    Jon Lester signed with the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday night, marking the first of many big moves to come as MLB teams work through the winter meetings...

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  10. Rick Porcello to Red Sox: Latest Trade Details, Reaction and Analysis

    One thing the Detroit Tigers can never be accused of is complacency, even as they have been so successful over the years. The latest move by general manager Dave Dombrowski involved trading right-handed pitcher Rick Porcello...

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  11. Farrell's Goal: 'Get a Couple of 200-Inning Pitchers'

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  12. Sox Fans Jokingly Start #SmearCampaign Against Lester

    The Red Sox have a bit of history with so-called smear campaigns — leaking out negative information about players or coaches as they leave town. Just ask Terry Francona...

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  13. Ben Cherington Explains Negotiations with Jon Lester

    SAN DIEGO — The call was brief, just around 1:00 a.m. on the East coast on Wednesday morning. Jon Lester told Ben Cherington he'd made a decision, and the Red Sox weren't it...

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  14. Red Sox' Pitching Pursuit Takes on Greater Urgency

    SAN DIEGO -- Even before Jon Lester chose the Cubs , the Red Sox knew they needed to acquire more than one new starting pitcher...

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  15. Red Sox' Lowball Offer Last Spring Led to Lester's Depature

    SAN DIEGO -- Officially, history will record that Jon Lester was lost to the Red Sox for good on either Dec. 9 or Dec. 10, depending on whether you live on the East Coast or the West, where the news first broke...

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  16. Lester: Boston Will Have 'Big Place in My Heart'

    Jon Lester is on the Cubs now. His last team wasn't even the Red Sox , it was the one Boston traded him to, the Athletics ...

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  17. What Is Red Sox's Best 'Plan B' After Digging Own Grave in Losing Jon Lester?

    When it comes to losing out on former ace Jon Lester , the free-agent left-hander they lowballed then traded away before lowballing again, the Boston Red Sox have no one to blame but themselves...

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  18. Report: Red Sox, Phillies Discussing Bastardo Trade

    SAN DIEGO -- The Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies haven't gotten very far in trade talks involving starter Cole Hamels, but they have made progress on a smaller deal involving some relief help for the Red Sox...

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  19. Report: Red Sox, Reds Discuss Cespedes Deal

    #RedSox and # Reds have discussed deal that would send Yoenis Cespedes to Cincinnati, but there's been no recent progress, sources say...

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  20. Merloni: Who Should Sox Target If They Lose Lester?

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  21. Report: Red Sox Make Offer to Masterson

    SAN DIEGO -- While the Boston Red Sox await a decision on whether left-hander Jon Lester will return, they made a contract offer Monday to another former Sox pitcher, Justin Masterson, according to a major league source...

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  22. Regrets on Lester Low-Ball Offer? Cherington Won't Say

    SAN DIEGO -- The numbers now are staggering: six seasons, for a minimum of $130 million, and perhaps as much as $150 million -- or more -- to sign Jon Lester...

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  23. John Farrell on Jon Lester: 'We're Still Confident That We Can Sign Jon'

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  24. Red Sox Outright Weeks, Open Up Roster Spot

    The Red Sox have outrighted second baseman Jemile Weeks, the club announced. He has cleared waivers, allowing the Sox to open a 40-man spot while maintaining control of Weeks...

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  25. Sandoval Drops $200,000 on Pimp'd out Range Rover

    Pablo Sandoval's sick car collection just got $200,000 sicker ... 'cause the S.F. Giants super star just tricked out his brand new Range Rover ... and TMZ Sports has the footage....

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