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  1. Ainge: We 'Would Have' Drafted Embiid at 6

    There were mixed messages coming out of Boston Celtics camp in the run-up to Thursday's 2014 NBA draft regarding how the team felt about Joel Embiid's medical status...

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  2. How Did the NBA Draft Impact the Celtics' Plans for Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love?

    After drafting Marcus Smart and James Young in the 2014 NBA draft, the Boston Celtics will have some key personnel decisions to make this offseason...

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  3. Boston Celtics Direction Crystal Clear After 2014 NBA Draft

    Going into Thursday night's NBA draft, the direction of the Boston Celtics was still up in the air. Would they trade for Kevin Love and immediately vault themselves back into contention ...

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  4. Brad Stevens Praises Smart's Leadership

    Back in late May, a league source familiar with the Celtics ' line of thinking brought up Marcus Smart, the bullish guard out of Oklahoma State and a top prospect for this year's NBA Draft...

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  5. Initial Post-Draft Depth Chart for Boston Celtics

    By drafting Marcus Smart at No. 6 and James Young at No. 17, the Boston Celtics have officially opened up a world of speculation about their next move...

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  6. Required Reading: Smart's Journey to Boston

    After the Boston Celtics selected Marcus Smart with the sixth overall pick in the 2014 draft, he opened his blue suit jacket to reveal a series of logos on the lining that detail his NBA journey...

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  7. Ainge: Celtics Would Have Taken Embiid at No. 6

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  8. Are the Celtics Now Committed to Another Year of Rebuilding After Quiet Draft?

    BOSTON — The Boston Celtics entered the 2014 NBA draft as a team in a seemingly great position to make a draft-night deal...

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  9. Can Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart Coexist on Boston Celtics?

    When the Boston Celtics selected Marcus Smart with the sixth pick in the 2014 draft, it was easy to start sounding the alarms. Smart played point guard in his two years at Oklahoma State...

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  10. Celtics NBA Draft 2014: Grading James Young to Boston

    James Young is a 6’7’’, 213-pound guard/forward who enters the NBA after playing one season at the University of Kentucky. Watch Bleacher Report's NBA draft analysts as they break down what Young will bring to the NBA...

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  11. Celtics NBA Draft 2014: Grading Marcus Smart to Boston

    Marcus Smart is a 6'4" guard who played two seasons with Oklahoma State. Smart averaged over 15 points in both seasons with the Cowboys, who were bounced from the NCAA tournament in their first game in each of Smart's seasons at Oklahoma State..

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  12. Marcus Smart Drafted by Boston Celtics: Latest News, Reaction and Analysis

    The Boston Celtics   added the point guard they so desperately needed in the first round of the 2014 NBA draft after selecting Marcus Smart with the sixth overall pick...

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  13. Debate: What Do You Think of the Marcus Smart Pick?

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  14. Source on Rajon Rondo Trade Rumors: 'I Think It Is the Usual BS'

    If it is trading season, then it's time for Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo to have his name run through the trade wringer...

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  15. Celtics Beat: NBA Draft Field for No. 6 Down to Handful

    There still are a number of factors, mostly external, that could affect what the Celtics do in tonight's NBA draft, but things are coming into better focus regarding their top pick, No...

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  16. Celtics Rumors: Boston Cannot Pass Up on Joel Embiid with Sixth Overall Pick

    Joel Embiid is falling down draft boards after the prized big man broke his foot more than a week before the draft, and the Boston Celtics will be lucky to have him fall in their laps at No...

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  17. Boston Celtics Rumors: Buying or Selling Gossip Ahead of the 2014 NBA Draft

    Now is the toughest time of the year to keep up with all these media outlets, beat writers and blogs that spew out hourly NBA draft rumors...

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  18. Not a Whole Lotta Love for Celtics

    With the NBA draft bearing down on the process, the Celtics are knocking on a door that may be locked to not only them but the rest of the league, as well...

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  19. Report: Celtics Interested in Cavs' No. 1 Pick

    BOSTON — The Boston Celtics continue to look at all options leading up to the NBA draft which includes landing the No. 1 overall pick...

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  20. Last Decade of No. 6 NBA Draft Picks Doesn't Bode Too Well for Boston Celtics

    Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has a reputation for being a stellar drafter of young NBA talent...

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  21. Joel Anthony Will Return to Celtics

    Boston Celtics forward/center Joel Anthony will exercise his player option for the 2014-15 season and return to the C's, a league source informed

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  22. Celtics Rumors: Latest Rumblings on Boston's Draft Plans and Kevin Love

    The Boston Celtics simply aren ’t supposed to finish a season with a 25-57 record, even if they are rebuilding...

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  23. Joel Anthony Ops in for Next Year

    Source: Joel Anthony, as expected, will opt in to the final year of his contract with the Boston Celtics . He'll make $3,800,000 next season...

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  24. Three Second Round NBA Draft Prospects Worth the Celtics Acquiring a Pick For

    Earlier this year, Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck told Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe , “…This June there could be some fireworks,” for the Celtics...

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  25. Ron Adams' Departure Suggests Celtics in Good Hands with Brad Stevens

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