1. #Nets are hoping for a big season from Bojan Bogdanovic. But he hasn't come close this preseason to showing he's going to take a huge leap.

  2. Stock Up, Down for NBA Stars in EuroBasket

  3. #Nets starters tonight vs. #Celtics: Donald Sloan, Rondae, Bojan Bogdanovic, Justin Harper and Thomas Robinson. Feel the excitement.

  4. Bojan's shot is still off. Misfired on his first three-pointer.

  5. Bojan nails a three-pointer. Much better looking shot that time around.

  6. Bojan hits his second three of the game. He's 5 for 11 overall and 2 for 6 behind the arc. Leads #Nets with 16 points.

  7. Current #Nets lineup: Donald Sloan, Bojan Bogdanovic, Joe, Andrea Bargnani and Brook.

  8. Bojan from mid left post. And 1

  9. Down by 8; JJ replaces Bojan

  10. Somehow, #Nets are down only three. They've cut deficit to 52-49. Andrea Bargnani, Bojan and Rondae have combined for 19 points off bench.

  11. Can't fade away and get the call, Bojan

  12. Brook has 2 gorgeous passes, leading to a pair of lovely assists. First came on Bojan cutting to basket, other was feed to Rondae underneath

  13. End of first Q: #Grizzlies 31, #Nets 26: Mike Conley has 7 points for Memphis. Bojan leads Brooklyn with a quick 7 off the bench.

  14. Nets losing 31-26 after the 1Q Bojan w/ 7, Joe/Thad/Brook w/ 4. BK will need help from the nercromouse in the 2nd Q. https://t.co/sDQRFZUtTv

  15. Bojan Bogdanovic with the reverse layup past Marc Gasol. Max approves, but Nets trail 39-32. Bojan w/ 11. https://t.co/jKkiDQ8FIu

  16. Nets down 56-45 at half. Bojan looking like Teen Wolf, TRob dressed as Reggie Evans, + Brook w/ 3 PF, no PT in 2Q. https://t.co/maJ6bjlhdz

  17. #Nets starting the 4th Q down 79-69. Some glimpses of hope in the mix. Bojan with 15 points.

  18. Lionel Hollins going with Bojan Bogdanovic down the stretch as fifth starter. Has played well – leads team with 19 points.

  19. Today, Bojan "FLAMES" Bogdanovic was back: https://t.co/K2vknNk2w6 #Nets

  20. Bojan: "We played good minutes today, have to extend that for the whole game." #Nets https://t.co/a6ow3F9pj6

  21. #Nets have their first lead of the second half. Bojan hits a pair of free throws to put them up 94-92.

  22. Bojan in. He's ready. Nets down 13-11, 5:22 to go. https://t.co/jhA70fSm6G

  23. Bojan, Shane & Wayne check in. #Nets

  24. We think Bojan has found it... on offense. Joe is still searching: https://t.co/BbFzCttdCC #Nets

  25. Bojan Bogdanovic is minus-11 in 3 minutes of play. Bench not doing the Nets any favors.

  26. Bojan on a fastbreak = not good. Ever.

  27. Bojan starting for Rondae in second half. The rook was a bit out of control offensively and turned it over in the first half 3 times.


  29. Bojan playing his heart out

  30. Bojan drills a huge 3 with 1:37 left to put #Nets up 102-96. Wow. They may do this tonight.

  31. #LeaguePassAlert: Bojan Bogdanovic drains a big 3-pointer to put the @BrooklynNets up 6 with 1:37 left in the 4th.

  32. The @BrooklynNets go on the road and beat the @HoustonRockets 106-98. Lopez filled it up w/ 14p-12r-5b. Bojan had 22 https://t.co/NTlL3os17V

  33. For first time last night, Sarah Kustok had somebody to talk with post-game: Bojan. She only talks to players if Nets win.

  34. 22pts, 9reb, 3ast off the bench. Bojan Bogdanovic, Brooklyn hero, difference maker: https://t.co/grp4Fedi0J #Nets

  35. Jarrett Jack cutting into Bojan's post-game interview was a pretty cool moment. WATCH: https://t.co/p1gtRwMaez #Nets

  36. Rondae is still starting vs. #Kings tonight. Lionel Hollins had Bojan start second half vs. #Rockets in Houston on Wednesday.

  37. Halftime: #Nets 60, #Kings 54: Bojan playing well again tonight. Leads #Nets with 13 points. But they should be up more than six.