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  2. Humphries Wins 1st World Cup Race of Season

  3. Olympic Medalist, World Champ Langton Retires

  4. Former NFL Wideout Makes U.S. Bobsled Team

  5. US Bobsledder Fenlator to Compete for Jamaica

  6. Olympic medalist Jamie Greubel Poser teamed with Lauren Gibbs to lead Team USA in the women’s bobsled World Cup... https://t.co/SKKVEgHzN4

  7. Olympic medalist @JamieGreubel teamed with @lagibbs84 for the bronze medal https://t.co/yeNQAvjRPA https://t.co/woPfSC4ojJ

  8. Congratulations to @JamieGreubel and @lagibbs84 for winning a share of the bronze medal in the first World Cup women's bobsled race!

  9. Lolo Jones Experiences Red Bull Air Race at 200mph

  10. Lolo Makes Brief Bobsled Return, May Come Back

  11. Final results from the women's bobsled Altenberg WC race: https://t.co/LjdgP6LeV6

  12. @BobsledKaillie and Lotholz of @TeamCanada secure the victory with a downtime of 56.90, -0.74 seconds in front.

  13. Hengster/Dekker of Austria ties @JamieGreubel and @lagibbs84 for second place +0.31 seconds.

  14. Kroll/Fritz move into the fourth position (0.63 seconds back) with two sleds remaining.

  15. @Elfjewillemsen and Vercruyssen of @BobteamBelgium move into first place with a time of 1:54.41.

  16. @eamslider24 and @BobsledherUSA falls to the fourth position, 0.51 seconds back of @JamieGreubel and @lagibbs84 https://t.co/gX80KXUYZM

  17. @JamieGreubel and @lagibbs84 on the track for their second run of the Altenberg WC. https://t.co/QPYEnFS7Ja

  18. @JamieGreubel and @lagibbs84 move up a spot above Schneiderheinze/Bertels of Germany.

  19. @JamieGreubel @lagibbs84 starts in 5.76 and moves into first place with a downtime of 57.28 (1:54.72)

  20. Constantin/Grecu of Romania lead us off in the second run with a 57.75 (1:55.64).

  21. Start list for the second women's bobsled run from Altenberg: https://t.co/T1fM6H96rQ

  22. The second women's bobsled run will be streamed live on https://t.co/AvVoVTeeCN. Start time is set for 1pm EST! https://t.co/XgkaSTZAY2

  23. Olympics are easy. This is the real test. https://t.co/znJV65WBtr

  24. First run results from women's bobsled WC race in Altenberg: https://t.co/XGBnyl3lNi

  25. @BobsledKaillie and Lotholz of @TeamCanada move into first place by 0.49 seconds with a downtime of 56.77 seconds to end our first run.

  26. @JamieGreubel and @lagibbs84 start in 5.75 and finish in sixth place 0.18 seconds back of the lead. https://t.co/OWzAXe9ayb

  27. Constantin/Grecu of Romania turn in a seventh place finish 0.63 seconds back of the lead.

  28. @Elfjewillemsen /Vercruyssen of @BobteamBelgium move into third place 0.05 seconds back of the lead. @eamslider24 @BobsledherUSA to fourth.

  29. Hengster/Dekker of Austria turn in a time of 57.26 for first place.

  30. Kroll/Fritz turn in a time of 57.30 for first place by 0.07 seconds.

  31. Schneiderheinze/Bertells finish 0.03 seconds back of @eamslider24 @BobsledherUSA for second position.

  32. @eamslider24 and @BobsledherUSA start with a record of 5.56. They finish with a time of 57.37. https://t.co/mRV3YhghvW

  33. Start list for the women's bobsled World Cup race: https://t.co/RZZ8rinDVu

  34. Annie O’Shea and Kendall Wesenberg kicked off the women’s skeleton World Cup season with 12th and 18th place... https://t.co/u6FLEe9MWf

  35. @OSheaAnnie and @kendaLLorraine kicked off the women’s skeleton World Cup season https://t.co/dGemgsvHRG https://t.co/yqGTrhqISm

  36. We are less than 30 minutes away from the start of the women's bobsled World Cup race from Altenberg. Watch live https://t.co/uKu41GnvjB

  37. @OSheaAnnie finishes 12th place (+1.34) and @kendaLLorraine 18th in her WC debut (+2.59).

  38. Final results from the women's skeleton race from Altenberg: https://t.co/qe38IbAZ9S

  39. Tina Hermann falls to the second position, 0.04 seconds back of @skeletonlaura.

  40. @skeletonlaura takes over the lead for Great Britain with a combined 1:57.84.

  41. Jacquelline Loeling moves into the lead by 0.38 over her teammate Sophia Griebel.

  42. Sophia Griebel of Germany takes over the lead by 0.16 seconds.

  43. Priedulena holding on to the top spot with four sliders left in the competition!

  44. Priedulena will take over the lead with a combined time of 1:58.55.

  45. @JanineFlock into second position. Meylemans holds onto a 0.27 second lead.