1. To put Bucs kicker Kyle Brindza's six missed FGs in four games in perspective: Vikings' Blair Walsh led NFL w/ 9 missed FGs in all of 2014.

  2. Blair Walsh Connects On 2-of-3 Field Goals In Loss

  3. Just Another Day At The Office For Blair Walsh

  4. Blair Walsh Connects On Two FG Attempts In Win

  5. Blair Walsh Trying to Overcome Missed FGs

  6. #Vikings notebook: Blair Walsh adds to ugly Week 4 for NFL kickers, WR carousel, poor protection + MIN's flag bros http://t.co/bcg0BFf9gI

  7. Blair Walsh hits from 33 yards out and the game is tied at 20. 5:11 to play. #Vikings #MNvsDEN

  8. Walsh on Struggles: 'Hard to Not Overthink Things'

  9. Blair Walsh Connects On 1-of-2 FG Tries In Loss

  10. Zimmer Concerned About Walsh's Misses

  11. Blair Walsh better not miss this one if he wants a ride home on the team plane.

  12. Blair Walsh hits the PAT and the #Vikings trail 20-17 with 10:01 to play. #MNvsDEN

  13. Did Jeff Locke and Blair Walsh do some sort of Freaky Friday-esque swap during the off-season that nobody's aware of?

  14. Three straight incompletion brings on Blair Walsh and this time he hits a 38-yarder to make it #Broncos 13, #Vikings 3. #MNvsDEN

  15. Blair Walsh is true from 38 yards.

  16. 38-yard FG by Blair Walsh. #Broncos 13, #Vikings 3 GAMETRACKER: http://t.co/pWkjB0vhTO #MINvsDEN http://t.co/yWnYkziS0a

  17. Blair Walsh sacrificing a goat on #Vikings sideline

  18. Teddy Two Feet saves Blair Walsh for now.

  19. Blair Walsh is really hoping for a touchdown on this drive.

  20. Blair Walsh, my God. C'MON. cannot miss field goals in game like this. Soooo frustrating. 3-0 Denver. 2nd QTR.

  21. When the Blair Walsh project misses .. you know kickers are not gonna have a good day

  22. Two overthrows from Bridgewater forces Blair Walsh onto the field and his pulls a 38-yard wide left. Blown opportunity. #Vikings #MNvsDEN

  23. Adrian Peterson with arm draped around Walsh on sideline for pep talk. It was one sided and needed #vikings

  24. Blair Walsh has now missed a kick in six of his last seven games (counting preseason) #Vikings

  25. The kicker struggles from the early games continue into the later games. Vikings Blair Walsh with a missed 38 yard field goal.

  26. If you count the five preseason games, Blair Walsh has missed one very makeable kick in seven of nine games.

  27. Well the Blair Walsh calm lasted long...

  28. Add Blair Walsh to the #KickersWithIssues list today. Missed a 38 yarder.

  29. Wallace swarmed on this third down; no chance for Blair Walsh 60 yarder #vikings

  30. Most Missed Field Goals Since Start of 2014 Josh Scobee 10 Blair Walsh 10 Graham Gano 9