1. Blackpool Fans Raise Target of £20,000 for Pensioner's Legal Fees Against Club

    Blackpool fans have raised over £20,000 in three days for a pensioner who must pay damages to the club after being threatened with court action over allegations he made on Facebook about the Oyston family...

    Eric Drobny Written by Eric Drobny about 8 days ago 5 reads 0 comments

  2. Blackpool Goalkeeper Forced to Wear Autographed Shirt as Club Has No Kitman

    Things are not going well at Blackpool football club. The team is already relegated from the Championship, its unhappy fans threw " eggs, flares and smoke bombs " at the club's ...

    Sean Fay Written by Sean Fay about 14 days ago 8,770 reads 4 comments

  3. Blackpool's Aldred to Miss Rest of Season

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