1. It was a Saturday morning block party with newest Raptor @bismackbiyombo0 #NBAAfricaGame #BWB #WeTheNorth

  2. Biyombo Should Add Defensive Depth to Raptors

  3. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  4. Mo Williams, Amir Johnson, Gerald Green, Bismack Biyombo, Brandan Wright, Sonny Weems, etc. are underrated signings: http://t.co/AzDEUnXDFn

  5. The Raps would like to wish @bismackbiyombo0 a happy 23rd birthday! #WeTheNorth http://t.co/8bVXxAmBE2

  6. New: The Truth about Bismack Biyombo's offense - http://t.co/WtOwgxcJzv http://t.co/LexKrW34L4

  7. Fun fact about Bismack Biyombo: He had the 4th highest Block Percentage in the league last season.

  8. On Luis Scola and Bismack Biyombo - a pair of unheralded off-season additions destined to become Raptors fan favs: http://t.co/4r1fvkG7RG

  9. Bismack Biyombo will play a key defensive role with the Raptors this season, per @JLew1050: http://t.co/3YD2QJlAaL http://t.co/iuIIcMmUgS

  10. ICYMI, they may have gone under the radar this summer, but don't sleep on Raptors bigs Luis Scola & Bismack Biyombo: http://t.co/4r1fvkXJgg

  11. New: Breaking It Down: Bismack Biyombo's Benevolent Defensive Impact - http://t.co/S7gm14vZdi http://t.co/Pr0QZK8vPi

  12. Bismack Biyombo gets UP for a denial at the basket against some random Cavs player.

  13. #Raps on the floor to start the 2nd: - @Cory_Joe - @T_DotFlight31 - @Bruno_Caboclo - @pdpatt - @bismackbiyombo0 #WeTheNorth #RTZ

  14. Jared Cunningham, meet @bismackbiyombo0  #RTZ #WeTheNorth https://t.co/5q5DTtagAa

  15. On the floor to start the 4th for T.O: @Cory_Joe , @T_DotFlight31 , @DeMar_DeRozan , @pdpatt , @bismackbiyombo0 . #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  16. Bismack Biyombo is about to become your new favesies. My player preview: https://t.co/uX81Tv7oyn https://t.co/jbhl6g5cbz

  17. Three fouls in five minutes for Bismack Biyombo #celtics #raptors

  18. JV picks up a questionable 4th foul. @bismackbiyombo0 checks back in. #ReturnOfTheMack #RTZ

  19. Nice pass by @Cory_Joe to @bismackbiyombo0 for the easy jam. Raps lead 74-71. #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  20. It's safe to say @bismackbiyombo0 isn't afraid of anyone after hearing his postgame interview last night. WATCH: https://t.co/17IIiCHBF4

  21. Over the years @theborisdiaw has found a pupil -- and friend -- in @bismackbiyombo0: https://t.co/8Cle5QGpip #Spurs #Raptors #NBA #Hornets

  22. JV picks up his 2nd and is replaced by @bismackbiyombo0 . #RTZ

  23. Another Blown Bunny for Bismack Biyombo https://t.co/8M09vWzmcM

  24. Ok Bismack! Biyombo with the up and under. 113-93 good guys, 3:33 to go. #RTZ

  25. Rumours of the Bismack Biyombo fadeaway are true. https://t.co/07DRxmgY6p

  26. Bismack Biyombo starts in place of Valanciuans for the second half.

  27. Listen to @bismackbiyombo0 address the media after yesterday's practice. WATCH: https://t.co/oa6C0h4VS3 https://t.co/TnMYnuwRNh

  28. Bismack Biyombo moves into Raptors starting role today but "it's going to be by committee" Dwane Casey says

  29. Bismack Biyombo will get the start in place of the injured Valanciunas. But it's going to be replacement by committee according to Casey.

  30. Bismack Biyombo gets the start today at the Clippers. Valanciunas will not need surgery on his injured hand. #rtz

  31. the #Raptors pre game on @fan590 starts NOW with me, @paul__jones, @bismackbiyombo0, @JValanciunas, D. Casey & more. #Clippers #RTZ

  32. Today's #Raptors Starting Lineup: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @bismackbiyombo0 #RTZ #WeTheNorth