1. Former Standout North Dakota Linebacker Dies in Thailand

    GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) — A captain of the University of North Dakota's 2001 national championship football team has died from injuries he suffered in a motorcycle crash in Thailand, where he was teaching...

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  2. Montana Adds Air Force Transfer to WR Corps

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  3. BREAKING: Bob Stitt Named UM Head Football Coach

    MISSSOULA - Bob Stitt has been selected to serve as the University of Montana's 36th head football coach, announced UM's Director of Athletics Kent Haslam said Tuesday...

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  4. Idaho State Beats Portland State, Reaches .500 for First Time Since 2003

    The Idaho State Bengals have not had a very good last decade of play in college football, to put it gently...

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  5. Photos: Eastern Washington Will Wear Military Appreciation Uniforms

    Eastern Washington unveiled special military appreciation uniforms today, and they're some of the coolest unis that you'll ever see...

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