1. WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 1/19/2015: Pre-WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Edition

    There's less than one week until WWE Royal Rumble 2015, and the WWE Superstar Power Rankings have seen some movement, including a new No. 1 Superstar...

    Alex Musso Written by Alex Musso about 9 days ago 116,726 reads 101 comments

  2. Examining How WWE Can Improve the Roman Reigns-Big Show Feud

    It’s time for WWE bookers to face a bleak truth: The current Roman Reigns- Big Show feud is rather abysmal. However, that shouldn ’t suggest that the angle is entirely beyond saving...

    Sharon Glencross Written by Sharon Glencross about 12 days ago 49,190 reads 122 comments

  3. Big Show Has Much More Value to WWE in a Speaking Role

    Roman Reigns' latest awkward promo came in stark juxtaposition to a smooth monologue from The Big Show . Antagonizing a hot New Orleans crowd, Show was a maestro. He delivered an otherwise standard heel message in a convincing, charismatic fashion..

    Alfred Konuwa Written by Alfred Konuwa about 14 days ago 19,298 reads 65 comments

  4. WWE Royal Rumble 2015: Greatest Superstars Never to Win Battle Royal

    The 2015 WWE Royal Rumble will be yet another opportunity for a Superstar to etch their name into the history books and earn a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania...

    Anthony Mango Written by Anthony Mango about 19 days ago 68,587 reads 177 comments

  5. Big Show Is the Perfect Opponent for Roman Reigns on Road to Royal Rumble

    Roman Reigns' return to World Wrestling Entertainment at Tables, Ladders & Chairs in December during the Seth Rollins-John Cena Tables match led many to believe that he would ...

    Erik Beaston Written by Erik Beaston about 20 days ago 7,798 reads 45 comments