1. US Biathlon Bulletin December 2015 - https://t.co/X1npz5tBsc

  2. Russian Loginov Banned 2 Years for Doping

  3. See our new video with Magdalena Neuner: https://t.co/DeUyel3vQQ https://t.co/DXNl16RhX8

  4. Magdalena Neuner back in Ostersund as an expert commentator for ARD TV. https://t.co/Qo9s16kE5j

  5. A brilliant afternoon for training; the next competition: Men's 20K at 17:15 CET on Wednesday. @… https://t.co/jcpvWvNPuC

  6. A brilliant afternoon for training; next competition: Men's 20K at 17:15 on Wednesday. @ Östersunds… https://t.co/wFLFkTabKG

  7. Videos of IBU Cup 1 competitions now on YouTube. Sunday's women's sprint. https://t.co/Gi2CKTP4U2

  8. Norway goes two for two with mixed relay win.https://t.co/Iqj06XrwK8

  9. Another sprint win for Russia in Idre. https://t.co/u80dQWn30o

  10. Norway wins single mixed relay. https://t.co/u80dQWn30o

  11. First competitions of the new BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon season today! Note the wind flags this… https://t.co/t4LJfx10S2

  12. IBU Cup videos now on YouTube; see the Saturday men's sprint at: https://t.co/FJUP3JJLGh

  13. Petr Pashchenko wins in Idre on Saturday. See the videos at… https://t.co/RGKBrOdSaS

  14. Less than 24 hours until the season-opening mixed relays; Welcome to the New Season video.https://t.co/7Cmpwx0VhI

  15. Welcome to Ostersund and the new biathlon season. See the video and story on our website,… https://t.co/QcrShqLkeS

  16. World Champion Ondrej Moravec with his Golden Swix gloves today. Watch for them when he competes in… https://t.co/VSU0UaSKgV

  17. ONE DAY UNTIL THE SEASON-OPENING MIXED RELAYS IN OSTERSUND! @ Östersunds Skidstadion https://t.co/0oWKbXllhY

  18. New season starts in Idre video. https://t.co/nDnxgkCw6c

  19. Our first Biathlonworld TV video of the season; images from training today. https://t.co/TIlzUVFv6g

  20. 2 days until the season-opening mixed relays in Ostersund; in the stadium today with Jakov Fak, Simon… https://t.co/0YVAU325Yg

  21. Two days until the season-opening mixed relays in Ostersund; men's training today. https://t.co/iLCryGQJH6

  22. First IBU Cup tomorrow in Idre. https://t.co/4wZ96edU5S

  23. Passing clouds this morning as French Coach Jean-Paul Giachino looks through his scope. @ Östersunds… https://t.co/KJVKzOEQck

  24. On this Thanksgiving Day, members of the U.S. Biathlon Team would like to thank all who helped them along the way... https://t.co/v0GSgsSxsW

  25. Early morning training in Ostersund. #biathloncircusisback https://t.co/PdqVANDEJY

  26. First IBU Cup sprint in Idre on Saturday; conditions like this are the reason why Federica Sanfilippo… https://t.co/vD2VUW6oWi

  27. 3 days and a lot of action today during training. @ Östersunds Skidstadion https://t.co/bad3G8nk5o

  28. THREE DAYS AND COUNTING: BMW IBU WORLD CUP 1; a bright and chilly morning, perfect conditions. @… https://t.co/jzPkmb2mPz

  29. 3 days until the season-opening mixed relays; training in the stadium today. @ Östersunds Skidstadion https://t.co/yk2sisgu42

  30. Idrefjall: Winter Wonderland conditions for IBU Cup 1 this weekend as captured by Austria's Julia… https://t.co/QUqqGk8RHs

  31. Decisions of the IBU Executive Board against the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) in the cases of Russian biathletes.https://t.co/wLO0aRfOAr

  32. 4 DAYS AND COUNTING UNTIL THE SEASON-OPENING MIXED RELAYS. Teams and individuals, read the full story… https://t.co/xFQUR7cHGF

  33. 4 days and counting until the season-opening mixed relays in Ostersund. Previews of more teams and top individuals. https://t.co/Ji6gKyGxQZ

  34. It all starts here next Sunday with the single mixed relay at 13:45 CET! @ Östersund Skidskyttestadion https://t.co/1Sflla2vX0

  35. FIVE DAYS UNTIL OSTERSUND-- The 2015-16 IBU Guide is now available for download on our website,… https://t.co/cihX888FaU

  36. WORLD CUP COUNTDOWN: Today we ask U.S. Biathlon Team members some rapid-fire questions....https://t.co/v0GSgsSxsW

  37. 6 days to go and the migration to Ostersund from Scandinavia and points as far as Tyumen has started.… https://t.co/xdAUGVu3oI

  38. 6 days until Ostersund! Big days for the French team: Martin, Marie, and relays. Read the full story… https://t.co/x8b4sBekgN

  39. 6 days until Ostersund! French team preview: stars and relays. https://t.co/w4t645TlYX

  40. Yuri Liadov of Belarus, training with his team in Kontiolahti posted this: 7 days to Ostersund. Every… https://t.co/MDgjGqBhXr