Ecclestone's Most Memorable Quotes

By Matthew Walthert (Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images)

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    History Shows Russian GP Won't Be Cancelled

    by Oliver Harden

    Should sport and politics ever mix? It's a question that is asked perhaps too often—and its answer largely depends on the sport in question... Read More »

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    Ecclestone Forgets He's Married

    by BR-UK Staff

    Being on trial for bribery has to be a stressful event, so one could forgive F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone for stumbling over his words as the proceedings began... Read More »

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    Can F1, NASCAR Coexist in US?

    by Matthew Walthert

    The 2014 Formula One U.S. Grand Prix is scheduled for November 2, 2014 in Austin, Texas. Some 350 kilometres to the north, in Fort Worth, the Texas 500 NASCAR race will take place on the same day... Read More »

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    Will Sochi Be Ready for Russian GP?

    by Matthew Walthert

    As the 2014 Winter Olympics draw to a close in Sochi, Russia, the resort city on the Black Sea is only eight months away from another major international event. On October 12, Sochi will host the fir... Read More »

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    Does Ferrari Need F1 or Vice Versa?

    by Matthew Walthert

    Formula One without Ferrari would be like Major League Baseball without the New York Yankees or the English Premier League without Manchester United. Ferrari is the sport's most prestigious team, h... Read More »