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  24. As @DanMartin_Post and @KenDavidoff reported, the Mets have reached out to free agent Ben Zobrist. Would fit very well. Makes sense.

  25. #Mets planning to "make a strong push" for Ben Zobrist https://t.co/0dyDfl8HKn

  26. That's what I don't get. Jim Bowden projects Zobrist will get higher salary than Daniel Murphy. So why let Murph go? https://t.co/Bara26kpkp

  27. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but there's a sizable leap from "expressing interest" in Zobrist to signing "Zobrist," which I'm not expecting.

  28. It’s early re: Mets and Zobrist. Preliminary stuff. A long way from actually signing him.

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  35. Ben Zobrist expected to get a 3-4 year deal worth $40-50 million, too costly for the Mets. https://t.co/mf1DwGNVYC

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  37. Ben Zobrist is expected to get a 3-4 year contract worth $40-50 million, possibly too expensive for the Mets. https://t.co/OA9ZTCk9CM

  38. On @Buster_ESPN's podcast @McCulloughStar thinks its unlikely Gordon or Zobrist return, could pursue pitching. https://t.co/U0Azqu6EAD

  39. Report: Mets 'very interested' in Ben Zobrist https://t.co/CjarLpVnQw

  40. Reportedly Zobrist is seeking a 3-4 year deal worth $40-50 million, more than the Mets want to spend. https://t.co/iMQEWD84zj

  41. That's correct. So 29 teams are interested in Ben Zobrist at $507,500. https://t.co/4yrrJ32hAL

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  44. NY Mets are reportedly 'very interested' in signing Ben Zobrist. https://t.co/ZzX4ovzcMj https://t.co/xmytu7VCzR

  45. Zobrist could be one of the first dominos to fall in free agency. With heavy interest, Mets have made it a point to stay engaged with him.

  46. The latest on the #Mets and Ben Zobrist. Might as well get some clicks too: https://t.co/OxFT1TQmip

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  48. $3 million isn't unreasonable for a backup shortstop. So it's hard to envision Mets winning a bidding war for pricey players like Zobrist.

  49. I think they'll acquire a lefty CF; try to sign Zobrist and get outbid; try to trade for a SS and maybe succeed. https://t.co/qBd6BVMKv4

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  52. Would make it one less suitor for Zobrist. https://t.co/S6PtEXoB7m