Viewer's Guide to World Series of Beer Pong

By Kenny DeJohn (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

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    The World Series of... Beer Pong?

    by Tyler Conway

    Would you like to win a prize greater than the average American salary for playing a game best known for being played on the porches of collegiate frat houses? Then the 2014 World Series of Beer Pong... Read More »

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    Beer Pong: More Than Just a Game

    by Chris McGuirk

    For years and years college students from around the United States have engaged in many activities and games involving alcohol... Read More »

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    Ten Commandments Of Tailgating

    by The Sportmeisters

    By Ryan of The Sportmeisters As the summer turns to fall, and the NFL and NCAA Football season start to commence, the planning period begins for an equally important event; the tailgate... Read More »

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    Ten Steps to an All-Pro NFL Tailgate

    by Pete McKeown

    There are three things that will always make me happy: inhaling barbecued food, drinking large quantities of beer and watching football. Each of these activities by themselves will put a smile on most... Read More »



2010 Top Party School List is Out

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2010 Top Party schools in the nation according to a ranking from The Princeton Review. The Big Ten is well Represented … This year Penn State is the NEW #1…...



MAN OLYMPICS: The Ultimate in Sports Drinking

by BigReg

I just finished reading David Wiley's article about drinking, sports, and toughness (Open Mic : Redefining the Toughness in Sports) in this great site called Bleacher Report and I felt the need ...