1. The Latest: Bartolo Colon won't pitch Wednesday after throwing 50 pitches in the 14-inning opener https://t.co/kHsNkCQyPo #WorldSeries

  2. Colon's Head Makes Appearance on 'College GameDay'

  3. Bartolo Fall Down Go Boom

  4. Bartolo May Have to Wait Until 2016 to Catch Pedro

  5. Collins Hints Colon, Niese Could Work from 'Pen in Playoffs

  6. Bartolo Colon likely unavailable for Game 2 of World Series https://t.co/vjFxaCKYCG #NYM #Mets

  7. Column https://t.co/ZLq3lGdcWU A case why #Mets should bring back Bartolo Colon to protect the young SP being extended this postseason

  8. Looks to be Bartolo Colon warming up.

  9. In-Depth Look at Bartolo Colon, the Hitter

  10. Noah Syndergaard just threw his 100th pitch. Bartolo Colon and Jon Niese are warming for the #Mets.

  11. ICYMI Column 3 https://t.co/ZLq3lGdcWU A case why #Mets should bring back Bartolo Colon to protect young SP being extended this postseason

  12. Terry Collins says only 90-95 pitches for Steven Matz, so easily could be a night Mets use Bartolo Colon in relief.

  13. Bartolo Colon warming. So is a left-hander. Presume it's Jon Niese.

  14. Niese and Bartolo appear to be heating up in the Mets bullpen.

  15. Two outs. Runner on second. Jon Niese departing. Bartolo Colon vs. Salvador Perez. #Mets 3, #Royals 2, top 6

  16. And it's Bartolo Colon time

  17. Ladies and gents, here’s Bartolo Colon.

  18. The Bartolo Colon Experience is coming in.

  19. Jonathan Niese OUT, Bartolo Colon IN to face Salvador Perez with 2 outs in the 6th & Lorenzo Cain on 2nd base. #WorldSeries

  20. Royals have the tying run at second with two outs in the sixth. Bartolo Colon in to face Salvador Perez.

  21. Niese comes in and gets 2 outs. He exits for Bartolo Colon. Runner on 2B. #Mets #LGM https://t.co/CYfEpptUzR

  22. Tying run on third base. Bartolo Colon vs. Salvador Perez.

  23. Bartolo Colon tried to channel his inner Liam Hendriks, instead channeled his inner Franklin Morales.

  24. Cain was a dead duck but Bartolo Colon really Franklin Morales'd that one.

  25. Bartolo Colon enters the game. https://t.co/XuGRcPHGRv

  26. Bartolo Colon vs Salvador Perez. The World Series has drama.

  27. Bartolo Colon is beloved.

  28. On the 10th pitch of the at-bat, Bartolo Colon strikes out Salvador Perez. #WorldSeries #KCvsNYM

  29. Bartolo Colon strikes out Salvador Perez on pitch No. 10 of at-bat to strand Lorenzo Cain at 3B. #Mets 3, #Royals 2, mid-6

  30. Bartolo Colon, who throws almost all fastballs, just got Perez on a slider on the 10th pitch. Citi Field going nuts.

  31. BARTOLOOOO Bartolo Colon strikes out Salvador Perez on the 10th pitch of the at-bat. Royals strand Lorenzo Cain at third. #WorldSeries

  32. Stranded! Bartolo gets a strikeout to leave a runner at third to escape the top of the 6th. #Mets #LGM https://t.co/fW2bRt5m7B

  33. Bartolo Colon gets the job DONE: https://t.co/HyvwkcIhrZ #WorldSeries https://t.co/QHMS8xpEpX

  34. Pretty much impossible to dislike a team with Bartolo and Uribe.

  35. They sell lego figures of players. I saw a Harvey and a deGrom and a Wright today. What would a Bartolo lego figure look like? @LEGO_Group

  36. It isn't often you see Bartolo Colon trot in & get a huge whiff on a slider. His strikeout ratio this year: 118 on fastballs/12 on sliders!

  37. Kelly Johnson pinch-hitting for Familia when Bartolo is RIGHT THERE.

  38. In Game 5 of the World Series, Bartolo Colon might very well be the last Mets pitcher of the 2015 season.

  39. Bartolo enters the game in the 12th. 4-2 them. #Mets

  40. The Royals got 4 hits in 8 innings off Matt Harvey. They just got 4 in one inning off Addison Reed & Bartolo Colon.

  41. The Blue Jays declining Maicer Izturis' option, combined with Bartolo Colon being a free agent, means no Expos are currently under contract.

  42. Everybody loves Bartolo! On May 31st Bart earned his 8th win & had a RBI double. Highlights: https://t.co/EIWGNqxvPH https://t.co/Iuwritd82z

  43. Sandy Alderson open-minded about Bartolo Colon returning as relief piece/safety net if he's interested.