1. Barkevious Mingo, agent unhappy about Mingo's playing time http://t.co/4vnKjhvirL

  2. ICYMI: #Browns notes: Paul Kruger not overreacting after his playing time cut along with fellow OLB Barkevious Mingo http://t.co/cLfw20ffhO

  3. ICYMI: #Browns Mingo on if seek trade: 'I don't think it's there yet.' Agent: 'Impact player, needs to be on field' http://t.co/mLlZI2rPXy

  4. #Broncos vs. #Browns: Jim O'Neil Needs to Get Barkevious Mingo More Involved - The Sunday Five http://t.co/mIK72BZ7En http://t.co/UjCX7QdsQV

  5. Barkevious Mingo for safety!!!!

  6. First possession of OT ends with #Browns OLB Barkevious Mingo intercepting lob from Manning.

  7. Barkevious Mingo w/ the biggest play of his career. He picks Manning. #Browns ball at Denver 39

  8. Barkevious Mingo collected his first NFL INT in OT vs. Broncos.

  9. Mingo's INT in OT -- he returned to 37 yd line. Officials spotted ball at 39 yd line. http://t.co/FF0mSomGS2

  10. And the market is the same as it is for Barkevious Mingo. https://t.co/0gP72zC8yQ

  11. #Browns Paul Kruger's snaps increased from 28 vs. #Ravens (40%) to 67 vs. #Broncos (80%). Mingo's went up from 4 (6%) to 20 (24%).

  12. #Browns HC Mike Pettine said team would have attempted long FG in OT had offense advanced to 35. Started at 39 after Mingo INT, lost 13 yds.

  13. Take a step into the film room & see what went into Barkevious Mingo's OT interception. → https://t.co/hvLYxEGc2r https://t.co/g3FkLIrY97

  14. Monday quotes: Barnidge, Dansby, Mingo, Hawkins. >> https://t.co/eIQ3s5flYg https://t.co/WgKUx3g9ZF

  15. Get into the X's & O's with this breakdown of Mingo's interception. Film study >> https://t.co/D6W2Q2UlRF https://t.co/2BrMn8WNpD

  16. Mingo has 7 sacks in 37 career games. Courtney Brown had 7.5 sacks in his first 17 games. Drink that in.

  17. Derrick Thomas had 7 sacks in one game. Mingo has 7 in 37 career games.

  18. DeAngelo Hall has been on IR since week 4. He has played in 33 more defensive snaps than Mingo. They also have the same # of sacks.

  19. #Browns Mingo still listed as starting OLB on depth chart even though he hasn't started since wk 2.Orchard started past 3 games, more snaps

  20. #Browns Pettine said there's "a fictitious trading block"...declined to comment on reports about thomas, Mack, kruger and Mingo

  21. Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahaha... a 3rd for Mingo?! The same guy they won't even play?! https://t.co/OjZDLZf6hP

  22. Results of #Browns trade poll so far -- people willing to say bye to Mingo for cheap. https://t.co/Ri2WIGyPyR https://t.co/J8AOpXZAWr

  23. Asked #Browns Mingo if he thinks he'll still be a Brown at 4 p.m. He shrugged his shoulders and threw up hands as in "I don't know''

  24. #Browns OLB coach Brian Fleury on Mingo: "Probably plays w/ best effort of the guys in the room. Elite coverage skills''

  25. Chomps, Mingo & Solomon getting these kids ready to #play60! #give10 https://t.co/acw2vAHpjL

  26. Video: #Browns OLB Barkevious Mingo on #Ravens' Joe Flacco, Justin Forsett being sidelined for year: https://t.co/X4Ix7J7Suh

  27. Also caught up with #Browns Barkevious Mingo at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. He said he spent his bye weekend on the couch.

  28. #Browns OLB Barkevious Mingo inspecting: https://t.co/1o5IckU2M0

  29. #Browns OLB Barkevious Mingo on sorting duty https://t.co/m8Dy0LhkHQ

  30. #Browns players Barkevious Mingo, Pierre Desir and Ibraheim Campbell volunteering at Greater Cleveland Food Bank. https://t.co/4t9gaRmbEm

  31. #Browns captains are Barkevious Mingo, Andrew Hawkins Andy Lee & K'Waun Williams

  32. Mingo, Hawkins, K'Waun Williams and Andy Lee are Browns captains today

  33. "We have to be ready to go." Player quotes: Campbell & Mingo » https://t.co/cxkwkBTUux https://t.co/SO88Mfnytd

  34. Dolphins minus elite pass rusher Cam Wake. Expected to adversely affect Suh and Vernon. Why Dolphins explored trade for Barkevious Mingo.

  35. Dolphins minus elite pass rusher Cam Wake. Expected to adversely affect Sug and Vernon. Why Dolphins explored trade for Barkevious Mingo.

  36. Cle 2011-14 1st-rd picks (corrected): 1 Phil Taylor 2 Trent Richardson 3 Brandon Weeden 4 Barkevious Mingo 5 Justin Gilbert 6 Johnny Manziel