Javier Hernández and the Top 5 Mexican Fútbolers of 2011

Jerry Sanchez@jerrysan_3Correspondent IDecember 28, 2011

Javier Hernández and the Top 5 Mexican Fútbolers of 2011

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    As 2011 approaches its close, every one of us stumbles upon a list of the top movies or books or artists of the year.

    I come forth and present the Bleacher readers with the list of the top five Mexican fútbolers of this year.

    The list will range from the U-17 team squad that won the world cup, to the professional Mexican squad and everywhere in between.

    Let's begin with our No. 5!

5. Andrés Guardado

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    To start the list, we have left wing Andrés Guardado.

    Even though he did not have a really great year compared to the rest, he managed to make my list for a couple of reasons.

    First, he scored a total of 11 goals this year. Five came with the national squad and six more with his club in Spain, Deportivo La Coruña.

    Having won the Gold Cup with Mexico by scoring two huge goals and just playing well helped him make him a valuable piece to the national squad.

    Yet, a relegation with his Spanish club kept him from going any higher on the list.

    He's reaching his prime so expect big things to come from Guardado in the future.

4. Giovani Dos Santos

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    The final decision between Guardado and Giovani dos Santos was international play.

    Gio comes in at fourth and showed why he deserves to be named one of the best that Mexico has to offer. Easily, his best games were played during the Gold Cup.

    In the Gold Cup, he was probably the second- or third-best player in the whole cup. He played consistently and also gave a lot to his nation. I'm sure everybody recalls the goal against the United States in the finals. Taking on the whole defense then chipping it towards the angle really proved what's to come of Gio.

    What halts him at the No. 4 spot is the fact that he saw little to no club play with English team Tottenham. I'm sure it's disappointing for most of us Mexican fans to see how much of his talent is wasted on such an ignorant team.

    Yet, once he establishes himself on another team, we'll see Gio explode to one of the best the world has to offer.

3. Carlos Salcido

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    Maybe not a choice most would expect, however, full-back Carlos Salcido had an amazing year. Whether it was with his current club in Mexico, Tigres, or in the national squad, his consistent play is what you would really notice.

    The oldest player on this list won two total championships this year: the Gold Cup with Mexico and the Torneo Clausura with Tigres.

    Under Mexico, he started every game whether it was a friendly or a cup match. His only goal of the year with Mexico came from a friendly against Serbia on November 11th.

    He arrived at Mexico with Tigres after a loan from England's Fulham. He played all but one game with Tigres and eventually they became champions against a hungry Santos Laguna team.

2. Julio Gómez González

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    Julio Gómez González is a teenager who I only saw play in the U-17 FIFA World Cup.

    And what I saw is brilliance.

    In a matter of three days, he went from scoring a famous "chilena" against Germany in the semifinals to receiving the Golden Ball trophy from their victory against Uruguay.

    It's safe to say that his main goal is the become a first team regular of his club team, Pachuca, and work from there to get into the professional squad of Mexico.

    In an interview with FIFA.com he stated, "So many people shouting my name—that's some thing I'll never forget."

    And this kid wants to make sure we won't forget about him in the future.

1. Javier "Chicharito" Hernández

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    This was an obvious choice. Easily one of the most famous Mexican players throughout the world is none other than Javier "Chicharito" Hernández.

    Throughout the midpoint of 2010, he was barely beginning what we would see for years to come. Scoring.

    In Mexico, he scored. With Manchester United, he scored. Overall, he scored around 30 goals this year alone. Around 18 goals with Man U and 12 came with Mexico where it seemed he had more success.

    During the Gold Cup, he was named the MVP of the tournament as well as the top scorer.

    Hopefully for Mexican and Man U followers, 2012 will be another great year for this young striker.

    Did I miss anyone? Does someone not belong? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for the read!