Daily Haze: Looking Back at Some Preseason Predictions

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Daily Haze: Looking Back at Some Preseason Predictions

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Just a quick update today on the state of affairs here at The Hazean: I currently am having some issues with a recent WordPress update that is preventing my editor from acting normally. Therefore, until I can figure out a work-around, posting here will become scarce.

Which I guess is not that big of a deal since the fantasy football season pretty much ended this past weekend. Congrats if you won a title, better luck next year if not.

And if you still play in Week 17 and need some advice, hit me up on Twitter/Facebook (links are below).

I wanted to reflect a little bit today on some of the predictions I made during the preseason. Last year I did the same thing, five bold predictions, and got two-of-five right. This year I nailed three-of-five and came oh-so-close to four-of-five. Take a look below:

1. Matthew Stafford will finish the 2011 season as an elite fantasy football quarterback.

Nailed it. Stafford finished top-5 in standard scoring formats and came up with back-to-back elite performances in Weeks 15 and 16, when it mattered most to his fantasy owners. Helped me win my third title in five years in a keeper league.

2. Ray Rice will be the No. 1 running back in fantasy leagues at season’s end.

So close! Rice finished second in standard scoring leagues only behind Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy. This one is close enough to just give it to me, right?

3. Owners who drafted Michael Vick in the first round of fantasy drafts will be severely disappointed.

Nailed it. Vick was a disappointment mainly because he was unable to replicate — or even come close to — the rushing touchdowns he produced in 2010. Rushing TDs from quarterbacks are hard to predict and many were expecting him to come close to the 2010 numbers. He was nowhere near it. Injuries, of course, hurt Vick and his fantasy owners as well.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew will finish the season as the starting running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Nailed it. Many were expecting knee issues to sideline MJD at some point this season, but he powered through in a big way for fantasy owners who trusted him on draft day. MJD finished fourth among RBs in standard scoring leagues, behind McCoy, Rice and Arian Foster.

5. Isaac Redman will be the fantasy football waiver wire fantasy hall of famer of the season.

Not even close. Redman did have his 15 minutes of waiver wire fame when Rashard Mendenhall was sidelined with an injury earlier this season, but could not do anything with his opportunity. The distinction of best waiver wire add of 2011 could go to a guy like Victor Cruz, Michael Bush or Cam Newton.

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