2011 College Football Simulated Playoff, Round 2: Stanford vs. Oklahoma State

Jake WestrichSenior Writer IDecember 27, 2011

STANFORD, CA - NOVEMBER 26:  Andrew Luck #12 of the Stanford Cardinal runs on to the field for their game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Stanford Stadium on November 26, 2011 in Stanford, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

For the eighth consecutive season, WhatIfsports.com is proud to present the ultimate college football playoff in a tournament we refer to as December Madness 2011.

Over the next three weeks, the Top 16 college football teams (11 conference champions and five at-large programs based on BCS rating) will compete for the December Madness title.

Utilizing our award-winning college football simulation engine, we "play" each matchup 1,001 times.

View the December Madness playoff bracket and complete box score here: http://www.whatifsports.com/decmadness/

Oklahoma State's decree of BCS betrayal is a sentiment most college fans can sympathize with, as every year a school seems to be slighted without reason. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, these claims have lost some of their merit with their first-quarter performance against the Cardinal. Stanford jumped out to a 16-point lead in the opening segment off three field goals from Jordan Williamson and a 22-yard touchdown strike from Andrew Luck to Jamal-Rashad Patterson.

While they're not 40 (although Brandon Weeden is sure close), Mike Gundy must have informed his team to start acting like men, as the Cowboys scored two touchdowns in a five-minute span in the second quarter, and followed it up with a 46-yard bomb from Weeden to Colton Chief to open the third to take a 21-19 lead.

Andrew Luck may be garnering the national headlines, but it's the Cardinal kicker Williamson that keeps Stanford alive in December Madness. While the offense continually stalled against the opportunistic Oklahoma State defense, Williamson was a conversion machine, connecting on all eight attempts, including three in the fourth quarter, to give Stanford a 38-28 win.

After the Weeden-to-Chief connection, the Cowboy's aerial assault was grounded. Weeden, one of the more accurate arms in the land, hit just 23-of-42 passing attempts. The running game is not without fault for OSU, as the majority of Joseph Randle's 77 yards derived from a 41-yard run.

For the second straight game, Luck was not at his best for the Cardinal, but managed to keep the ball away from the Cowboys and repeatedly put Williamson in range to score. Luck posted 301 yards and a touchdown off 29-for-45 passing, while Stephan Taylor added 104 yards in the ground game.

Player of the game: Jordan Williamson (8/8 FG, 2/2 XP)

Winning Percentage of 1,001 Simulations: Stanford 50.5 percent, Oklahoma State 49.5 percent.