NHL: Best NHL Video Game Intros of All Time

Eddie Theisen@ETGoWings19Contributor IIIDecember 27, 2011

NHL: Best NHL Video Game Intros of All Time

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    It seems that almost every true hockey fan loves playing the video games that come out from the NHL. Whether it be NHL 91 on Sega Genesis or the new award-winning games like NHL 12. 

    I know many people like myself also have great memories of playing these games for hours against a friend or brother and making it seem like every game was actually for the Stanley Cup. 

    Here are the best NHL video game intros.

5. NHL 1999

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    NHL 99 was not necessarily the best hockey game of all time, but it was very entertaining to play as a nine-year-old. The intro starts out with David Bowie and his song "Heroes," and then cuts into some sort of frantic guitar for some reason. Nevertheless, a great game.

4. NHL 2001

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    NHL 2001 is personally one of my favorite hockey games of all time. The reason being you could skate 50 miles per hour and shoot up to 120 miles per hour. Also, the intro is sick.

    The song is "Heavy" by Collective Soul and was a perfect match for the game back in the day. Also, Larry Murphy appears on two teams in the game.

3. NHL Championship 2000

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    This game was amazing, and took up about half of my life when I was 10 years old. The intro gets you pumped up to play a video game with some of the worst graphics you'll ever see. 

    The song in the intro is the old FOX theme song, and is still used for teams that have Fox Sports as their broadcasters. 

2. NHL 2006

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    By watching the intro to this game, you would think anything would be possible and that this would be the most realistic sports game ever. That is, until you actually played the game.

    Everything that is in the intro is impossible to do in the game. It was still a fun game to play, because you could just use the turbo around the defenseman every time to score. 

1. NHL 2k

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    This is probably the longest intro to a sports game in the history of video games. It is also maybe the best one of all time. This game was unbelievably fun to play as a kid and every time I played it, I had to watch the intro.