WWE Opinion: Top 7 Reasons the Time for John Cena's Heel Turn Is Now

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IDecember 27, 2011

WWE Opinion: Top 7 Reasons the Time for John Cena's Heel Turn Is Now

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    I know you all have heard it before, but I will say it again. John Cena needs to turn heel. For what seems like forever, fans have begged for the Cenation leader to join the dark side. There are times when we all think it's coming, but in the end, Vince McMahon is just messing with our heads. 

    In all honesty, the anticipation of a heel turn seems to cloud my judgment, as well as most of the Cena-Haters. Nearly every time Cena steps into the ring, I feel like it's now or never. Most of the time, the moment would end up awkward or outmatched by another promo or match throughout the night.

    However, there is no denying the opportunity for Cena right now. For weeks, fans have booed him out of the arena, people (Ex. Roddy Piper, Kane) have told him to turn his back on the WWE Universe, and recently it has seemed like he is contemplating it.

    When I say this, I mean it: The time is now for Cena to turn heel so we can all stop begging. In this slideshow, I will explain why I believe that Cena's run as a face is coming to an end.

Reason #1: Cena Is Already Booed by the Majority of the Fans

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    It is pretty obvious that most members of the WWE Universe are no longer fans of John Cena. Each and every night, the fans chant "Cena Sucks." The man who was once cherished and loved by fans everywhere, has turned into possibly the most hated man in the WWE today.

    The people no longer want to see him succeed. The fans don't want him ever holding the WWE Championship again. Most fans would probably cheer if he turned heel. The video clip explains exactly how the fans feel for John Cena. 

Reason #2: Raw Already Has CM Punk

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    Since the summer, CM Punk has been on the rise in WWE. He has the top-selling merchandise in WWE (Over John Cena) and is holding the WWE Championship. The fans want to see him succeed, as he is the modern-day Steve Austin.

    The more CM Punk grows in popularity, the more the fans hate Cena. John isn't even competition for Punk anymore.

    Look at the fans' reaction towards Punk compared to their reaction towards Cena. It's simple. The fans want change and CM Punk is change, while Cena is the same thing every week.

    With CM Punk the top face in WWE, Cena is lost in the shuffle. He is too well-known to be forgotten among the WWE locker room. The best way to fix it, would be the almighty heel turn. 

Reason #3: He Is Going Up Against the Rock at WrestleMania 28

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    The Rock is possibly the most beloved wrestler of all time. The fans would love The Rock if he slapped each and everyone of them across the face. They can't help but cheer for him.

    No matter how many heel antics Dwayne tries to pull, the WWE Universe will cheer for him anyway simply because he is The Rock.

    This is a problem for John Cena. No matter how much he panders to the fans and acts like Mr. Good Guy, he will get booed like crazy. The fans will always choose The Rock over Cena.

    With Cena getting booed out of the arena, you might as well give the fans a good reason the boo him and turn him heel. 

Reason #4: Raw Is Lacking a Top Heel

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    Right now, CM Punk is WWE Champion. During his reign, the ratings have been down, and many fans have pointed the finger at CM Punk. However, I disagree.

    I blame it on the fact that CM Punk has no competition. He needs someone who can put on a great match with him and talk a good game too. Cena is certainly good on the mic and these two put on some of the best matches of all time during the summer.

    The WWE has already stated they don't think The Miz should be the top heel in the company, and Alberto Del Rio hasn't exactly panned out.

    Most fans would say Dolph Ziggler is next in line, but I just don't see it. He is great in the ring, but his mic skills are mediocre unless he has the heat magnet, Vickie Guerrero at his side. I'm all for giving him a title reign once in a while, but he shouldn't be considered the No. 1 heel in the company. 

    I'm not saying I hate The Miz or Alberto Del Rio. The Miz is great on the microphone and interacts with the fans. The only issue is his look. He has a faux-hawk, isn't really muscular, and is about as intimidating as a poodle.

    The lackluster title reign for Alberto Del Rio should be blamed completely on the booking team. Del Rio was booked to look weak and cowardly. He became stale and nobody cared about what he had to say. With the top heel spot open, Cena can certainly come in and immediately make an impact.

Reason #5: It Has Been Hinted at for Weeks Now

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    Week after week, Cena came out too boos, but just shook them off and smiled. That was until about a month ago, when Cena joined Piper's Pit on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

    Roddy told Cena to stop acting like the boos mean nothing. He told the Cenation leader to tell the people how he feels and don't hold back. Piper then sealed it with a slap to the face.

    Since that night, Cena has seemed a bit more shaken when the arena chants "Cena Sucks". He used to smile and shrug, but now he puts on a frown and just shakes his head. It looks like the boos are getting to him, and now it is time for him to do something about it.

    However, the big moment took place on Monday, Dec. 26. Kane told Cena to stop trying to rise above hate and just embrace it. He led the fans in a chant of "Cena Sucks" and most of the fans tagged along. John seemed almost embarrassed and definitely hurt by the fans' reaction towards him.

Reason #6: The Ratings Are Extremely Low

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    As I said earlier, the ratings have been down as of late. The blame should be pointed towards the lack of main-event talent heels. Vince McMahon knows it, and we all know it. CM Punk needs to face the best WWE has to offer, and the best is John Cena.

    John Cena is the cure to the lack of success right now in WWE. His heel turn can save us all. The ratings continue to drop and if a Cena's heel turn doesn't come soon, WWE will have some serious problems.

Reason #7: Cena's Gimmick Is Stale and Boring

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    Years ago, Cena began turning heads with his white-boy rapper gimmick. He was great on the mic and really made me want to listen.

    Then he starred in "The Marine". His gimmick then turned into a marine based guy who never gives up. He changed his motto to hustle, loyalty, respect and he eventually turned into Super Cena and could never be beaten. 

    The new gimmick was okay at first, but soon became boring and corny. Cena didn't appeal to the older fans. His PG style is only fun for the kids, while the rest of the WWE Universe are annoyed and bored. They are no longer happy with the John Cena gimmick.

    I said it earlier and I'll say it again: The people want change. The people want something new. The best thing to give them is a shocking heel turn from John Cena.


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    I though I would end this slide show with an example of fan's hatred towards Cena. The classic move of John Cena throwing his shirt into the crowd was denied when the fans repeatedly threw his shirt back at him. Now that is funny!

    Cena is a hard worker and is always doing jobs outside of WWE. He is just a goody guy, and that is why the people hate him. He needs to turn heel, simply because it's the only way out of the hole he is stuck in.