Hope Solo: Top 10 Moments of the Year for the USWNT Celebrity

Ned Harwood@@RBStampedeContributor IIIDecember 27, 2011

Hope Solo: Top 10 Moments of the Year for the USWNT Celebrity

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    You probably don't need me to tell you about Hope Solo's incredible surge to the spotlight the past twelve months. Her fantastic World Cup performance led to multiple entertainment opportunities and has made her one of the most recognizable female figures in all of sports. She was an inspiration to kids across the country and a dream for soccer loving guys like me.

    If you want to relive the moments that got Hope to the superstar status that she has today, click through this attractive slideshow. Enjoy!

    Note: The moments are in no particular order. I am just highlighting Hope's highlights of 2011 as an entertainer. 

Hope Proves She Is a Gamer

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    Not everything on this list will feature highlights from the pitch.

    Hope shows us in this video that she is not just a beast in real life, but in the virtual world as well. Watch her dominate Steve Nash in this FIFA 12 promo video as she played with her hometown Seattle Sounders. Not too shabby eh?

The Sapong Song

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    Sporting Kansas City forward CJ Sapong found the courage to sing a poem/rap to the gorgeous goalkeeper during the USWNT’s post-World Cup trip to KC.

    It is a painfully awkward video for the first couple of moments, but it ends with a bang. Check it out. 

Hope Graces SI Cover

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    Although we wish the magazine could have had happier pictures to choose from, Hope Solo became the third female soccer player (After Brandi Chastain and Mia Hamm) to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated after the 2011 World Cup.

    Though the picture featured Solo disappointed after the USWNT’s devastating loss to Japan, the fact that the prestigious magazine chose to show such attention to the team/player displays how proud the country was of their efforts last summer. 

Just Dance Commercial

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    What this video implies is Solo and her partner in crime, Alex Morgan, aimlessly dance multiple hours a day with the Wii while a secret video camera films them.

    Very interesting. While I have no interest in buying this overly active video game, I do have a new idea about what Hope does in her free time. Thanks, Just Dance!

Solo "Fish Out of Water" SportsCenter Commercial

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    Solo even got the chance to be featured in a SportsCenter commercial with USWNT teammate Alex Morgan. Skills? Check. Dancing Ability? Check. Humor? Check. What can’t she do?

Hope "Pressure Makes Us" Nike Commercial

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    The USWNT’s contract with Nike meant we got to see plenty of Hope on television, even when she wasn’t playing. Because watching three minutes of her determined training never gets old, here is her “Pressure Makes Us” Nike commercial one more time.

    Note: Hope signed a $100,000/year contract with Gatorade just a few months ago. Are you as excited to see Hope sweating orange droplets as much as I am?!

Hope in "The Body Issue"

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    When Hope was revealed as a contributor to ESPN The Magazine's annual Body Issue, the earth practically stood still.

    The October leaking of Solo’s photos that would be featured in the magazine created a lot of buzz in the Twitter world and nearly sparked a heart attack in thousands of men like myself. So much muscle, so little clothing.

100th Cap + "We're Damn Good" Moment

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    Solo’s 100th NT cap featured some of her best play of the year, as the USWNT All-Star had seven saves to send the Yanks to the World Cup finals. Her ensuing confident post-game press conference just gave guys across the nation another reason to adore her. 

Hope Shines on Dancing with the Stars

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    While soccer fever in the States was still prevalent, Dancing with the Stars decided to invite Hope Solo to compete in their annual competition.

    Her partner was Maksim Chmerkovskiy and the team reached the semifinal round before being eliminated. It was another thing to add to her resume and to the left is her performance that gave us all another reason to love her. I guess that video game does work!

The Save Heard Around the World

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    It was the save that rocked the nation and inspired the incredible support for the USWNT’s run to the World Cup Finals.

    Solo’s penalty kick save against Daiane, which put the USWNT up three goals to two, that was the deciding factor during the penalty shootout that forever changed the way Americans looked at the team.

    It was classy, exhilarating and inspiring. What more could you want from a top moment?