WWE Rumors: John Cena Heel Turn for "It Begins" on January 2

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIDecember 27, 2011

On January 2, 2012, the popular choices for the "It Begins" promo are Chris Jericho, the Undertaker, Shane McMahon, or Batista, but apparently it is where "The End Begins".

What will it be the end of? What exactly are we supposed to understand, that there's no hope?

Okay, let's analyze it by using the popular choices first. 

Chris Jericho: It all seems too perfect for it to be him making it the most possible. Then there's also that cryptic and dark tone that Jericho never used, which along with his denial of rumors about him being the one, also adds in the unlikeliest for it to be him.

The Undertaker: The dark tone fits him perfectly, but what is there for him to take that's rightfully his? Nothing. He has accomplished everything there is, while having nothing to gain.

Shane McMahon: A familiar force indeed, as he made his name known very well. He bought the WWE's main rival WCW at the time, with the sole intention of taking over the wrestling business.

Maybe he's back to regain what's rightfully his, along with Stephanie. It's possible, but there's also the dark tone that doesn't fit him at all.

Batista: The animal may return to reclaim what's his as a destructive force. Will he be the representation of evil? It works, but the only problem is that the dark tone once again does not describe him. Rage would be the more fitting term.

Then, there's the heel. 

"Let's go Cena! Cena sucks!"

It is a familiar force. The chants can't be ignored. Their force has become familiar lately, specifically to the man they're directed to. Maybe it'll become impossible for him to ignore them any longer.

It is the familiar force that has always won in the same way. It is the force that "never gave up". It could become the end of the world as you know it; in this case, the representation of the world as the WWE Empire.

A John Cena heel turn will change everything. The "Second Coming" to be talked about and it's the second time John Cena will be a heel in his career.

With a heel turn, he'll "come back" to reclaim the fan base that was once his. The once loyal Chain Gang members will replace the Cenation once again. The world of the Cenation will have become destroyed.

"The champ is here," but in this case it's his arrival to the dark side. You can't see it now because the promos are misleading you into thinking the expected. Once January 2 is marked down, a heel turn that's imminent may come true.

He cannot help the haters anymore, as a heel turn will give them nothing to hate about him, and he cannot help the children as well because he's only able to handle so much.

Do you understand?