Why the Bleacher Report Would Be a Great Tool for Profesional Sports Leagues

Jacob MowatCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

I was reading some articles the other day and it got me thinking The Bleacher Report could help professional sports more than they think.

Here's why:

I'll use for example the recent Sean Avery mess. The NHL could go on here, look at all the recent articles about Sean Avery, and have a pretty good idea of what the fans think. Because for things like that there is about six articles talking about it so you could get a lot of different points of view on the matter.

Sure, Bleacher Report does not represent everyone, but you can see most ideas. No matter what you do everyone won't like it, but it still gives the fans a say in what happens to the leagues their watching.

This could work for any sport when the league needs to make a tough decision. Because any time a tough decision needs to be made, there are several articles on here about it. Yes some of the articles on here are complete nonsense, but that's where the comments come in handy.

Also, a lot of the articles on here are exactly what the leagues don't want to hear so it would be good for them to know what the fans think compared to them.

If sports leagues really care about what their fans think, The Bleacher Report is where they should go!